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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
Let's just print 32 of those trillion dollar coins that was talked about a while back and pay the debt off completely....simple.
Well that’s kinda what we have been doing to accrue the debt…..but haven’t started paying on it yet. The interest on the debt is going to eclipse our unfunded liabilities for social security and Medicare very soon. Good times.
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Nov 17, 2007
Pendleton and Campbell County Ky
Pretty small amount is not an exact answer. Help people at home first. Protect our boarders and those entering illegally.
Other countries will always find a need for free money.
Since you are loaded with money to give away, you can send me a check for $200,000 as farm aid.

Ukraine is not on this list. $196 Billion???
In 2021, the United States budgeted $38 billion for foreign aid spending. As of this reporting, it has disbursed over $32 billion. Almost 25% of that budget has gone to just ten countries:

  1. Ethiopia ($1.13 billion)
  2. Jordan ($1.03 billion)
  3. Afghanistan ($860 million)
  4. South Sudan ($821 million)
  5. Congo ($814 million)
  6. Yemen ($814 million)
  7. Nigeria ($803 million)
  8. Syria ($774 million)
  9. Sudan ($488 million)
  10. Somalia ($475 million)
How much of that money went to good down home people abroad vs corrupt evil dictators with a % ending up back in American politicians pockets.


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Sep 7, 2007
Whitesburg, KY
… and FTR, this was only $500M and funding pensions were only a part of it

Grouseguy, Your a piece of crap. I’d invite you to come to Whitesburg or any of the other Counties/City’s devastated by the July flooding, If fact, I DARE you to come say that.

ONLY $500 Million. ONLY $500 Million!!!!!!!!!

We are living in essentially a 3rd world country, we have waste water plants that were totally destroyed, they are diverting raw sewage straight into the North Fork or the KY River, Hundreds of Bridges still washed out, Roads in some areas are barely passable using SxS’s and ATV’s. Our infrastructure is completely gone, but yet the funding from The Federal government for these repairs has not shown yet. I met with the Letcher County treasurer yesterday, they have not received one single dime from FEMA as of yet for infrastructure repairs, not a single Damn dime. $500 Million would be a start on substantial infrastructure repairs.

ONLY $500 Million!!!!!!!

You bleeding heart liberal would try to justify Biden if he sat a nuclear warhead off in Florida to rid the area of mosquitoes!

ONlY $500 Million!!!!!

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