Please say this isn't true


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Dec 26, 2019


12 pointer
Jan 12, 2006
South Central Kentucky
Yes it’s true while half the states in the nation are staring down the barrel of of their own pension issues, ours included. This stupid SOB is the most corrupt, most lying sack of shit we have ever seen. He doesn’t even hide it.

Why should he? He's got his and the rest of us can go f... ourselves and there's not ANYBODY that's going to do one damn thing about it ... except bitch! 🤬


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Dec 9, 2001
Phillips, WI / Grayson, KY
Guys, please quit being so damned gullible and look a little below the surface before jumping off the cliff.

This is a story from April, 2022. It only became a story again because guano crazy MTG ran her mouth recently in her insane ramblings about impeaching POTUS.

… and FTR, this was only $500M and funding pensions were only a part of it, along with salaries, schools, hospitals, etc. needed to keep Ukraines government operating.


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