Picking out a dog question?


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Sep 11, 2009
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Ive had all three colors of labs and found the black ones seem to be made of teflon as dirt doesnt' stick to them as bad as the other colors.

My YLM was a better duck dog though.


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Oct 27, 2006
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Many people I respect in the dog game say that picking the right litter is the most important thing and everything else is a distant second. Proven parents from a responsible breeder who breed and train for the qualities you are looking for give you the best chance of getting the kind of performance you want out of your new best friend.


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Nov 24, 2003
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I hear male dogs are easier to handle. Mine seems pretty low maintenance.

I got a chocolate because he is the color of mud. I just don't care for black ones and the yellows I see lately are very light. Personal preference on color though.

Does it have to be a lab? Other breeds (more along the lines of traditional upland dogs) can serve quite well as retrievers. Likewise a lab can be taught to flush or point upland birds too, just is a little trickier.


Dec 16, 2009
sa2.JPG sa4.JPG sa2.JPG sa4.JPG Brown, Black, Both......not that Important. You left out the most most important part. Real hunting dogs have beards.


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Dec 9, 2009
like the dog beard u got there largefrag....i have a yellow female that does what i expect of her, a lot of it depends on the training. get with someone that really knows what there doing that can teach you how to teach your dog....also im gonna see if any of you have heard of this, someone told me that if the inside of the top of the dogs mouth is black then it will be the best dog you ever had..??


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Nov 2, 2009
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also im gonna see if any of you have heard of this, someone told me that if the inside of the top of the dogs mouth is black then it will be the best dog you ever had..??

Fireman Roberts, I'm keeping Brett's dog for the summer while he's doing any internship. I read this post and immediately went downstairs and checked out his mouth. Sure enough, it's black. I was pretty excited until my wife told me he had just been out in the back yard pulling charcoal biscuits out of an open back and eating them.


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Dec 15, 2004
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Do your research and pick the one that you like.


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Dec 16, 2009
GSP is probably going to be the next on the list for me. I find myself getting more into bird hunting.

If you are looking for a more versatile dog, Before you look into GSPs you might take a look at a Deutsch Drahthaar. Type " truly versatile video drahthaar" or "VDD GNA" into you web browser and take a look. Seems like do you quite a bit of waterfowlin and their thicker coats might keep you and your dog hunting later into the season. they can be a little pricey but I wouldn't take million dollars for mine. besides we could always use a few more DD guys in in Kentucky.

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