Petraeus: US would destroy Russia’s troops if Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
Hard to tell in this war of info...lots of mis-steps and mis-directions, I'm sure. I just try to absorb it as much as I can and put it in my "file" to see if there's something that gives me a heads-up. That is, if something similar to what I've read seems to be occurring.
The first casualty in war is “the truth”.

We are certainly a world at war. I file all information I gather, react to actionable information, pray over the rest and take every day as a blessing.


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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
I remember the day I nearly sent my mom to the hospital when she asked me who I was voting for.

I said, “Ronald Reagan”. She gasped and asked “Not Jimmy Carter?”

I just said nope.

She then said the “the republicans would get us in a war!” Which was a common mantra of that day from the dummycrats.

I said, “Well, let’s review the events of this century:

WW1–Woodrow Wilson, democrat.

WW2–FDR, democrat.

Korea—Harry Truman, democrat.

Vietnam—JFK, LBJ, both democrats. “

This was in 1980–so that was it from there. She just said, “Well you study history and should know. “ I concluded to her they take advantage of people who don’t know or think about what they say. The Demonrats of today have even more elaborate BS schemes now—as if you all couldn’t tell.

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