Panther Bait, Cougar sighting - Mtn Lion on the Loose in Central KY

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Have you ever seen a Mtn Lion in Kentucky?

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  2. No

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  3. Mtn Lions do not exist in KY

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  1. A couple that I am friends with near Richmond on Clays Mill Road, (North of town off of I-75) were in their yard on the backyard patio one day last week when a full grown Mtn Lion bounded up the hill in the back yard and charged their position until it approached to within a few dozen yards where it stopped and hissed, snorted, growled at them. (I was not there so, I am describing this 2nd hand). They got a fright, the big cat got a fright and retreated. They have not seen it since but reported that some of the neighbors did.

    I was a little amused when their 1st reaction was to want to kill it. They have been somewhat anti-gun, at least anti-ugly black-high capacity semi-auto rifle. Now they want a phalanx system for their back yard, lol. I am not vouching for the sighting other than to say the two adults making the report are mature, intelligent people of good report and not prone to wild, un-substantiated allegation. After a double eye-witness report one of the neighbors wanted pictures to "Prove" the sighting. Sorry, no pics it just happened too fast. These cats move around a lot. Anybody else spot one in the Richmond, Winchester, Berea Triangle?

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  2. ptbrauch

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    Nov 10, 2004
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    There was a report on the Nextdoor App of one in Oldham Co a few weeks ago. But supposedly this one was also spotted a couple of years ago in the same area. Could someone have released a pet? Sure. Is there a wild one? Doubtful.
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  3. bondhu

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    Brother in law was telling me about someone getting regular pictures on there game cam over around Mt Olivet. And his coyote hunting buddy saw one moving hay last week. Their getting pretty thick here in central Ky. I Told him to tell them not to report'em so we can just keep shooting them as an evasive.
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  4. depletedyourcranium

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    Sep 10, 2019
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    Mountain lions have been found in the state, just no evidence they from the state, meaning there isn't likely a breeding population here. That doesn't rule out a wayward male roaming outside the current established ranges, or a privately kept cat escaping from the owner.
  5. slickhead slayer

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    Evidence of a wild mt lion in ky would be the first.
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  6. Brody

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    I got a friend that lives near there, Clay's ferry. Him and his wife have seen one several times. There's liable to be anything living on those Ky river cliffs
  7. EdLongshanks

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    If they aren’t here yet....they are coming.

    I think there are probably several throughout the state at any given time. I just wish the department would stop stocking them.
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  8. bgkyarcher

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    There have been sightings for decades..... Confirmed sightings. But, at this point in time, there obviously isn't a breeding population. But, it is coming....
  9. slickhead slayer

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    Link for these confirmed sightings?
  10. bgkyarcher

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    Google it yourself. There were confirmed sightings in Mammoth Cave multiple times. Confirmed at KOA campground in Bowling Green a few years ago. People have seen them around for decades, but they aren't residents, yet....
  11. WaterDog88

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    Eastern KY and the KY River Palisades are perfect habitat for a big cat. Lots of cliffs thick woods and deer. That said I don't think there are any here but certainly possible one could pass through
  12. Feedman

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    Remember Bill
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  13. nateb440

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    Nov 8, 2011
    Might be a dumb Question, but if you see one while hunting, can you shoot it?
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  14. bgkyarcher

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    Aug 23, 2011
  15. Tman6493

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    According to the KDFW there have only ever been 2 confirmations in Kentucky ever. A kitten hit by a car that had South African DNA so it was a pet back in 1997 and the one KDFW killed in bourbon county in 2014. No other verified sightings
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