Owen Co Harvest Decline


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Feb 18, 2014
My first experience hunting public land was at Twin Eagle back in 94 or 95. Used to be a club house there, atv trails, you could gun hunt deer when season was open for modern weapons,nightmare when dozens of vehicles show up with guns to hunt 160 acres. Things changed around 2000,clubhouse burned down, gun hunting ended. Now its never mowed or improved,boundary not marked properly. Got tired of people asking where does property end. I told 1 guy where it ends,he's like no its up by that house, I said go on with your bad self then. Teenagers ruined the place around 2016 and I haven't been back.
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Jul 5, 2012
I live in Owen. I think there are a lot fewer hunters than when I came here in 1989. Used to be opening day looked like an orange invasion and sounded like D-day at Normandy. I used to hear the occasional burst of full auto when I hunted at Hesler. I think we have fewer hunters because of a number of factors and at least one of them is actually good. I think at least some of the reason people aren't coming here in such big numbers anymore is because they don't have to. There are huntable deer populations in places where there didn't used to be since the great depression. Where I grew up in Lee County you had to drive 20+ miles to see a deer. The entire time I lived there I never saw a single deer on our property but now they are common enough there's a sustainable population. I think the same has happened in other places. People can stay closer to home with a good chance of success.

I think another factor is the aging population and fewer hunters every year. I used to take 3-4 deer every year but now I only take one every other year. I'm the only person left in my family that eats them.

Finally, I think the difference in attitudes and practices of younger hunters has caused some landowners to stop allowing hunting. I know some younger guys who get upset when they aren't allowed ride their ATVs someone else's property. They loved their machines so much they just decided they would rather hunt somewhere else instead of hunting on foot. And once someone ruts up your road by driving in and out six times a day you don't let them come back.

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