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    "and wouldn't ya know it"
    "as luck would have it"
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    That gets on my nerves. I hear it all the time from hunters who just made a bad shot. They could careless about the meat. All they care about is finding those antlers. Which to me is sad.
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    Yelling that cuz she loves me!!
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    I can't believe you people watch that televised garbage enough to even know what phrase is overused.
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    What really bothers me with the TV idiots isn't that they're acting like complete fools in front of other hunters, and we laugh it off and go on about our business. What about the non-Hunter flipping through the channels and stumbles across some idiot standing over a dead deer screaming and jumping around like they just won the lottery, showing ZERO respect for the animal and then immediatley starts pushing sponsors like a damn NASCAR driver. This could turn someone against us in a hurry. The only TV hunting show I will watch and look forward to is Meat Eater. I feel like Steven Rhinella could sway a undecided person towards being pro-hunting with the way he handles himself on the show.
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    I agree most of it is garbage. I don't watch tv, but I have seen DVDs here and there. I have caught a few shows at Mom and Dad's and the ones I think are good representatives of the hunting community are Jim Shockey, Remi Warren, Cameron Hanes and Steve Rinella.

    Likewise, all have been on Joe Rogan's podcast and did a great job portraying what it means to be the type of hunter that shares the same values as me. I'd say most of the men and women on tv had good intentions but let money and "fame" influence them.

    Edit to add: Steven Rinella and Cameron Hanes both have podcasts that are good. I listen to them when I'm tied to my desk.
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    Apr 21, 2005
    Steve Rinella is the best host out there bar none. hes also a very good author. I started watching him when he still had that show on the travel channel before meateater. If you ever noticed he handles himself with dignity but still is not at all apologetic about being a hunter,trapper and fisherman.. I watched an interview with him once and he actually got a vegan,peta member to agree with many of his opinions and it looked like the guy was actually thinking about what Rinella said.
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    Jun 28, 2012
    We can call a lot of it garbage but it's still better than just about any of the other garbage that's on TV. I tape and watch a lot when it's just me at home as my wife and little girl control the TV most of the time. There's a lot of shows out there I like better than the Waddell and Lee and Tiffany stuff that's referenced. The thing is I don't see what I do as a hunter being anything like what they do so it doesn't bother me that bad. With that being said, I'll go with "cull buck" as overused. Most of their culls would be my biggest kill. LOL!!
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    Nov 16, 2013
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    "We just watched the replay"
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    Nov 16, 2013
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    I like watching people do things I can't/never will. Mountain hunts , foreign countries etc.. I do like watching " Live 2 Hunt " with Cody and Kelsey. I enjoy the stalking on those huge Mule deer bucks, moose etc.. Yes I'll take outdoor tv for mindless entertainment over Grey's anatomy
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    I like looking at big deer. Makes me happy.
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    Most of the outfitters know where and when the bucks are coming out. These so call professional hunters all they have to do climb the stand and shoot. They dont do any scouting like they say they do all it is making the outfitters get more business.
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    Oct 7, 2015
    I also like the shameless promotion of their sponsors, " I shot em with my Mathews", no you shot em with your bow. Or we came in and hung a set of summits, you watch the footage and they're sitting there in some no name loc on the outfitter hung two seasons ago.

    But if I know this stuff I guess I've been watching. Problem is as bad as most outdoor TV is, regular programming is worse. Every show has crazy slant toward alternative lifestyle or some other PC crap I just can't watch.

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