Over 70" of muskie today in the net today.


12 pointer
Apr 7, 2015
RL it's quite clear from your posts/photos you are the consummate conservationist when it comes to the Musky. Don't let him get to ya we know what your about. Appreciate your posts on this elusive target!


12 pointer
Nov 17, 2007
Do what you feels right. Anything above 76 I wouldn’t fish. Sorry you feel the need to defend yourself. You seem like an expert. We can fish anytime and I guarantee we would have a blast. And we would both teach each other something.
You are dead on about applying this rule to lake fishing and warm water but dead wrong about coldwater creek fishing. And the rule of thumb you are describing is 100% accurate for lakes. Devil is in the details and flowing coldwater creeks are totally different. These aren’t opinions.

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