"Over 100,000 Dead Deer"

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by predator, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. BadDuck

    BadDuck 12 pointer

    Aug 13, 2007
    Bullitt County
    Thats assumng all deer are checked in. I would be willing to bet that 1 out of 4 arent checked in. So that throws the numbers way off.
  2. 120+

    120+ 12 pointer

    But there are "not checked in" deer every year so it's nothing new. No need to throw it into the equation.
  3. slickhead slayer

    slickhead slayer 12 pointer

    Nov 14, 2005
    VP OF ADMIN Development
    We kill around 120-130,000 deer a season, and we are estimated to have around 900,000 deer. So we kill around 15% of the herd each year. Out of that 10% that are dead, we weren't going to kill all of them, only 15% of them.
    So if we lost 10% of our herd to EHD, thats 90,000 deer. If we were going to kill 15% of those, then thats 13,000 deer that we would have killed out of those dead EHD deer.
    But, there is one important factor here with harvest. Most of us have several opportunities to fill our tags. So it might take an hour longer or a day longer or a month longer, but maybe we still fill that tag,it just takes longer.
    We will just have to wait and see.
  4. aceoky

    aceoky 12 pointer

    Jul 14, 2003
    W KY
    Last year we had a RECORD Sept. this year we were close to that ; so I don't think we should "panic" just yet.....especially with it as hot and dry as this season was in Sept! Seems to ME, that IF the herd was in serious danger from EHD, the harvest during Sept should have reflected that better???

    For now it's sheer speculation at best and that's "mine" on it! :D
  5. nwest

    nwest 12 pointer

    I agree, but wil be interested to see what the results of opening weekend for the orange army is. I live in an area that is usually covered with deer by now and am only seeing a few. I took a ride down river road in howardstown this morning, spotted a few deer in the fields, almost constant smell of death though:(
  6. shaman

    shaman 10 pointer

    I predict a season that, if the weather in November is favorable for good hunting, we'll still see a season that is at or above the 5 year average. It won't be a record year, but we'll still have deer.

    If the population drops 10%-15% due to EHD, we're still talking about a population at a level we had at 2000(?) 2001 (?) Those were good years for me. If the Winter is mild and we have a normal Spring. we'll probably see this as just a minor blip.

    Correct me if I'm wrong: didn't we have EHD or blue tongue or something like that running around in 2002? I seem to remember talk of it in Mason county, and they were saying we should report cases to the CO.

    BTW: I did a quick survey of my place in SW Bracken County two weekends ago and I saw deer, sign, and no carcasses. However, I have heard of a very smelly patch of Toadvine Road between me and Mount Olivet. The guy who told me said there was a lot of something dead on that stretch.
  7. Willie

    Willie 12 pointer

    May 10, 2003
    Tenneseee was hit hard too, but I don't think as bad as you all.

    So far there 2007 bow kill is above their 2006 numbers.

    If anyone can get the bow kill numbers for this year and compare them to the same time period as last year that might give you a clue as to how bad this stuff is.

    I did watch a show on the Weather Channel that said that KY was the hardest hit for draught of any of the states. Draught and EHD goes hand in hand.
  8. Hoosier5

    Hoosier5 Banned

    Sep 6, 2004
    Northern Taylor Co.
    If the number: 100,000 dead Deer found throughout Ky., is correct, then I can see your state going back to a 10 day "firearm" Deer season, with Bucks Only, as legal game. I seriously doubt if your State, will continue the two Deer per permit limit, and bonus tags will be discontinued. I've been reading many articles all saying, this current outbreak of EHD, is the worse in History!
  9. fusion308

    fusion308 8 pointer

    Nov 23, 2005
    I disaree with you,I doubt there will be any changes to the seasons at all.The dept. has wanted more deer harvested for several years now.Hate to see a herd thinned out this way,but this should help the remaining healthy deer carry over the winter better.If anything should change, it should be insurance co.s dropping the auto coverage premiums as there should be fewer car/deer collisions..............just a thought
  10. aceoky

    aceoky 12 pointer

    Jul 14, 2003
    W KY
    Official Word

    Not quite correct, first that figure is an "estimate" (and I'm not sure where it comes from since the "official last word" isn't close to that number)...

    That was issued Oct 1.......

    And even with that figure (100,000) we kill more than that on a "fair" year, and it's not nearly enough in many areas, maybe some Zone changes, IF that "estimate" is even close (which remains to be seen)....

    So far the harvest numbers for Sept (again the driest on record I believe), temps averaged about 90 Degrees, and still a very good month, which should tell us all it's not as bad as some may fear???
  11. love2hunt

    love2hunt Fawn

    Sep 29, 2006
    Maybe i am wrong (and I know I am not the smartest person out there) but sometimes nature has a way of taking care of the things that we don't. If the population of the deer herd grows to a point where it cannot support itself then sometimes mother nature is harsh. We had a very harsh summer with very little rain, the cost of hay is through the roof and farmers across the state are looking at problems of how to feed animals throughout the winter. In my opinion, the drought and the late freeze have caused a serious shortage of natural food sources. I know that we typically dont see a severe die off in the deer herd due to harsh winters, but with weather like we have seen lately anything is possible, maybe mother nature just acted first.

    I also don't see the state making any drastic changes before more data is collected and analyzed.

    Here is my thinking on the deer numbers(below), can anyone shed some light on where my math is off, because it appears to me that even though we have had a severe problem this year, the deer population should be close to the same.

    KY Deer Population 2006 900,000
    Deer Harvest 2006 (approximate reported) 130,000
    Deer Harvest 2006 (unreported) 32,500
    based on previous 1 in 4 comment
    KY Deer Population Spring 2006 737,500
    Bred Does based on 3/1 doe buck ratio 491,667
    Fawns Born Spring 2006 (1.75 birth ratio) 860,417
    Total Deer Population Spring 2006 1,597,917
    Deer Mortality ratio of 25% 399,479
    Deer Population going into fall 2007 1,198,438
    EHD at 25% (worst case ever reported) 299,609
    Total Deer Population Fall 2007 898,828
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2007
  12. aceoky

    aceoky 12 pointer

    Jul 14, 2003
    W KY
    I agree that it's much too early to "panic" ........
  13. Hoosier5

    Hoosier5 Banned

    Sep 6, 2004
    Northern Taylor Co.
    Got this from an Indiana Newspaper:

    The front page of a S.E. Indiana news paper had an article discussing EHD. The article is taken from the biologist and CO accounts and calls on EHD. The article said they had visited 150 dead deer cases and had at least 50 more calls before the publishing of the article that week. They go onto say that when the bow hunters hit the woods they will start to come across more deer and then we will see the real impact. The article states with hunting and EHD the county could see a reduction in the heard of 70%. The article also focuses on the economic impact due to the amount of money deer hunting brings to the county each year. It stated over 400k could be lost and over 1 million over the southeastern Indiana four county area due to reduced deer and the lack of hunting.

    I believe they were talking about Switzerland County here in Indiana, but several Counties have been reporting finding a lot of Dead or dying Deer. Since EHD is existing in your State we can expect a similar impact, on the Deer Herd.
  14. I think that number has got to be high. I myself have only seen 1 dead deer from EHD and only heard of a few more, closer to my area. I know this is scary but it is not the first time EHD has showed its ugly head. The way I see it the KDFWR's cash cow is the deer herd if anyone was going to panic it would be them. Until they sound an alarm I will try to remain calm and not add to the panic. But I will be very happy to see a good frost.
  15. Hoosier5

    Hoosier5 Banned

    Sep 6, 2004
    Northern Taylor Co.
    The estimates, might seem a little too high. Also not all areas have the same impact. Apparently, where you Hunt, that area is one of the lower populated areas. No it's not the first time EHD has showed up but this is the WORSE outbreak ever. As for being a "cash cow" for the Kentucky Fish & Game Department; I am certain they are worried and will be looking for options to protect their "Cash cow". I am certain there will be some changes in your future seasons, and don't be supprised if some of your Counties are closed for Deer Hunting for the next few years. It is very unfortunate that this has happened to both Indiana & Kentucky.
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