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  1. Who watched the Oscars this weekend? I did not. When I lived in LA it was a big deal and we often would have Oscar night parties to watch the beautiful people arrive and celebrate one another at the event. I am not knocking actors, or artists. I have done some acting and it is hard work that takes extreme attention to detail to be good at it. But, I am not an actor or an artist. I appreciate art but in the bigger scheme of the world Movies and Actors are simply entertainers who work to make you and I smile. Those at the pinnacle of their craft are very well paid for what they do. That should be enough. However, I have never encountered a group of people who are more self centered, self important, "look at me" types in the world. In Medieval times, they would be the equivalent of the court Jester. Funny how "Joker" won best actor honors this year. Kudos to em. But, that is where it stops.

    I was listening to the news this morning and learned that the actor in Joker thought it relevant to tell us all of his "Woke" BS we are killing the planet drivel as if we gave a damn what the Jester thinks? For Gawd's sake this man (I am assuming that he identifies as a male this week), is paid to play dress up and pretend to be something or someone he is not, all while reading lines written by some other literary artist. It could not be more phony if one tried. He was saying we are evil for putting milk in our coffee?? all while living a charmed life of extreme privilege. WTF? Then some other twit was on stage hugging her Oscar and quoting Karl Marx. They are sick puppies. Made me wonder how many of them chose to blow Harvey Weinstein to get their big break in the biz? It sort of changes what they do to be more like highly paid prostitutes. Oh, you want to be a Star? Just sell your soul to the Devil and "Poof". I think it is a business that would leave one feeling rather empty despite all the money, fame and accolades. Maybe that is why they all feel compelled to tell us all how to make a difference and save the planet all while they dine on caviar and fly home in their private jets. :confused:

    When I lived out there, I knew that about 80% of the Los Angeles population was ultra left wing liberal looney tune socialist types. It was tough for a gun loving, constitutional conservative to exist. One day a co-worker was commenting about a news piece talking about the State of Georgia being forced to remove the Confederate Stars and Bars battle flag out of their old State flag. He was too dumb to know that they replaced it with another Confederate flag that was less well known. I made a casual remark that my KY High School flew the Confederate Flag at the main entrance to the school when I went there and still did to that day. He was appalled and wanted to know how we got away with such racist behavior? I said, simple, "Its not about race to us. It was about heritage and being proud of our history and our roots."

    So, what do you think about the Hollywood Elites telling us all to stop putting milk in our coffee because it is violating the rights of the Cow? While forgetting to mention that most of the coffee comes from 3rd world socialist countries where the workers have to rake and scrape to survive. Do you agree with the opinions of these self important elitist celebrities that want all of their socialist comrades to unite and toss off their chains of oppression and form a new socialist utopia in America?, because they are so smart that they can make Communism work when no nation on Earth has ever succeeded at it? I will stop now before we have to have the moderators move this to the Politics forum. ;)
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    I agree with everything you said about Hollywood types. I am watching a program about the movie industry on Smithsonian channel, and it is a good program. It shows that what goes on out there right now has always gone on out there. It's just got more Leftist in the current era. Remember when there was an investigation about the Communists in Hollywood? Well, it was all true then as well as now.

    Sex in Hollywood? Marilyn Monroe was the studio call girl when she was Norma Jean...passed around to all the big wigs.
    I don't attend theaters anymore and never watch the Oscar shows where they pat each other on the back. Mostly garbage to me.
    But there we were a lot of actors who were hero's in the 1940's and served their country. Eddie Albert, Lee Marvin, Jimmy Stewart to mention a few. Not so now, they are leftists and hate our country.
    I will stop here.
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  3. 120+

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    Why even post about that BS?
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    Our family has always cleaned and decorated the headstones of each family member having served, and we decorate each with whichever flag served under. Such began as "Decoration Day". There are quite a few late family members who honorably receive this flag on the appropriate day, directly after the Church service and before the massive outdoor picnic, which every family member makes and brings a dish to, for all, and then the various old instruments are brought out for some fun. Oral stories about each late family member burried there are passed down to the new generations, as all is done, and many are rather colorful stories, indeed.

    This is on my late mother's side of the family, which consist of many green-eyed Irish descendants, to include myself within that trait, while there are many with blue eyes, as well. I recall one of the first times that I attended, in disbelief that we could all be related to one another. The amount of family who show each year has always been unbelievable, ever since I was a toddler, with them arriving from a vast many states from across the country these days, of course. The graveyard is attached to a small, old, white Church via ornate cast iron, and all is located upon a beautiful green meadow surrounded by a dense forest. Which state all happens to be located in is private.

    I could tell you their names, while I could not even begin to tell you the names of most actors/actresses performing on television or in the movies, via my own design, and I simply find it's best that way.
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    I may have upgraded my opinion of you.
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    Nov 11, 2013
    I don't watch any TV anymore except for sports and they're making it harder and harder to do so. I refuse to be a contributing force (audience) that ultimately gives these people fame then they turn around and spout off all this drivel and holier-than-thou elitist & enlightened mumbo jumbo. I won't support them, period. So I can't tell you the last time I sat down and watched something on TV that wasn't a UK game.

    Mainstream music isn't much better. I'm selective in who I listen to and how I listen to music. It's rarely via FM radio. Same reason, their thoughts, ideas and agendas are 180* from me and I'm not supporting someone who opposes everything I stand for. That's utter nonsense to do so IMO.
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  7. Feedman

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    I thought that I heard on the radio today that it was the lowest rated Oscar show. They did not give out any numbers.
  8. JDMiller

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    Just throwing this out there but the Inspirational Channel (364 on Direct) has pretty much become an all western channel. I started watching it back in the fall when they had a John Wayne weekend.

    Which I thought it was a little odd that a religious oriented network having westerns but hey it was the Duke. I’ve been landing on it every night since.

    Through the week Gunsmoke, the Virginians, Wanted Dead or Alive... then western movies every weekend.... exceptionally heavy on John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Jimmy Stewart and Glen Ford.

    The network will have a few religious programs early in the mornings but switches to westerns and family oriented shows for the rest of the day. Which they claim their line up is related to American hero’s.... shows that give roll models.

    I have to agree ... and a great thought process to be conceived .. show the old shows that actually convey right & wrong .... actual entertainment that’s missing from shows the last 40 years.
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    Jun 28, 2012
    I like movies and I like music, but I’ve never been able to watch the Oscars or the Grammys. Boring as heck and I could care less about their personal views of the world, politics, animal rights, etc...just say thanks for the award and move on already!
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    I dug deep on the smart TV, and we all watched HeeHaw. Wife had never seen it, and of course the 10 and 5yo had never seen it. We had a great evening
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