Oil Prices headed ..... ???


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Jan 12, 2006
South Central Kentucky
One of the primary reasons oil prices have been going down is there has been a lot of speculation that our completely corrupt, Democratic Party led government, was going to make a deal with Iran to loosen the restrictions on buying their oil because of their nuclear ambitions and threats. However, this may not happen for a variety of reasons; one of which is possibly the Iranian's won't "kick back" as much as our money grubbing leaders are demanding to put our Nation in even more peril.

IMO the real reasons are the dwindling economy and the recent visit to Saudi Arabia by the "Dream Team" where, who knows what kind of a deal was made to help keep prices lower until after the mid-term elections.

Barring a complete collapse of the economy, I wouldn't be surprised if oil prices went back over $100.00 and beyond right after the votes are counted.


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Jul 25, 2007
They started going up end of last week if I recall....
Probably why gas in Henderson was $2.87 for a minute or two...(days actually)


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Sep 23, 2016
Oil will IMO will trend lower. China is building 50 coal plants. China and USA are simulantiosly going into recession Oil may well hit all time lows. But if we cant use it or they tax the shit out of it because it is low ( for gasoline ) it will still be 4 + a gal. So oil may be low but gasoline will NOT be.


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Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA
Captain shit the pants just signed a bill that raised taxes on every form of energy available. Gas is certainly going up, looks like ol spit is purposely throwing midterms away so he can continue to serve his buddy shit the pants