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    Kentucky Afield News

    From KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources

    October 7, 2003

    For more information contact

    (800) 858-1549

    Youth-Only Deer Firearms; Muzzle-loading Deer and New Turkey Shotgun Seasons Open in October.

    Frankfort, KY, October 7, 2003 - Kentucky's youth-only firearms deer
    hunt weekend and the first segment of muzzle-loading deer season will occur
    on the second and third weekends of October, respectively, throughout the
    New this year, an October shotgun turkey season will also be open toward the
    end of the month and include the fourth weekend.
    On the October 11-12 weekend, hunters age 17 and under can hunt deer with a
    firearm statewide. Junior firearm deer hunters must be appropriately
    licensed, accompanied by an adult, carry a hunter education course
    completion card, abide by the hunter orange clothing law and by season deer
    zone limits and requirements.
    "Junior hunters are given the first opportunity to hunt deer with a firearm
    in Kentucky, which we believe increases their chances of success in many
    cases," said Jonathan Day, forest systems coordinator for the Kentucky
    Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR).
    "Our commission tries to insure that younger hunters have quality
    experiences in the field," Day continued.
    "This special firearm season also serves to help us manage our herd
    effectively, in that a number of antlerless deer are usually taken by youth
    hunters," added Day.
    Adults accompanying a junior hunter are prohibited from carrying a firearm,
    must remain close enough to the junior hunter at all times to take control
    of the firearm if necessary, and must comply as well with the hunter orange
    clothing law.
    All deer hunters are required to record and report harvested deer as
    explained in the 2003-04 Kentucky Fall Hunting Guide book, available from
    license vendors statewide, on-line at fw.ky.gov, or by calling (800)
    858-1549 weekdays 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern.
    The first segment of the Kentucky muzzle-loading deer season is October
    18-19. Hunters may take either sex whitetails except in Zone 4 counties
    during this season. Zone 4 hunting is restricted to antlered deer only
    during the October muzzle-loading deer season.
    Hunters are reminded that anyone hunting any species during an open firearms
    deer season must comply with the hunter orange clothing law. It is illegal
    to hunt on private land without consent of the landowner. Hunters may take
    one antlered deer per season (license year) on private land.
    The newly established October shotgun turkey season will run for five days
    Oct. 25-29 statewide. During this season, a licensed turkey hunter may take
    one wild turkey of either sex. Hunters who have purchased a Sportsman's
    License are reminded that this year, the fall shotgun turkey hunting permit
    is included with the Sportsman's License, and no additional permit is
    Harvested turkeys must be recorded and reported in the same manner as deer.
    The toll-free phone number to call after taking a deer or turkey is (800)
    245-4263. Hunters must supply their social-security number and the code
    number for the county where the animal was taken.

    Kentucky Department of
    Fish and Wildlife Resources
    #1 Game Farm Road
    Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

    Need Info? Call

    or visit


    or email the info center at



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