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  1. GTbowhunter

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    Aug 26, 2020
    Hate to pour on the negativity, but I went a few years back and it was uncomfortably crowded, raining like a son of a gun and after a few hours inside, I was about to lose my mind from all the people blowing on various turkey, duck and goose calls lol bought a hat and dipped out. Probably wont go back lol
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    Dec 13, 2016
    Yeah, thats what i was trying to say in a nice way, I guess it wouldnt be so bad, if you could leave when you wanted to, but i been to , to many hunting shows and set there, at booths all day, enough to do me the rest of my life, if they hadnt paid everything for me, and gave me a 100 a day, you couldnt have made me go in there. But with all that being said, I still would recommend someone go, and check it out for themselves, Especially if they are interested in new products, and meeting hunting well known tv personalities , i would rather go to a deer show, and look at mounts and a grunt call, isnt as loud as 300 turkey calls, and duck and goose calls are.

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