Nuisance Otters

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by Jason1977, Nov 20, 2021.

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    I saw some one time with my original duck dog. He was older at the time. The otters would dive and swim but I was running beside them in the boat. They would surface and act shocked that I was right next to them.... If Ol' Red Dog had jumped in he would have gotten more then he bargained for! Used to see a piebald one in one spot. Have watched them from the Hatchie river to Barkley and several spots in between. Seen one at Reelfoot. LOTs of mink on Reelfoot!
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    I've read where people have had good luck using citronella oil and moth balls to repel them. Not nearly as effective as a 12 gauge but if you're having trouble catching or shooting them it might help to save a few fish until you get a bead on one.
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    Every one I ever shot floated. Retrieved them with a fishing reel and a surface plug. Shot in the head they flop and bleed enough to look like a shark attack!
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