November 15th


10 pointer
Sep 29, 2013
At it agian just got in the blind here in owsley co 24 degrees here very cold just fired up the buddy heater just seen two deer yesterday one of the mourning saw a 17-18 inch spread eight points was short or I would tryed him a shot going to hang in there good luck guys be safe.

Strut 'N' Buck

10 pointer
Apr 16, 2011
Shepherdsville, KY
Back at it again. I can only sit until 10 this morning. I came to completely different farm and hunting a stand we haven't hunted all year. Figured I didn't have much to lose. Good luck fellas.


6 pointer
Aug 4, 2015
I camped in a tent all weekend Friday night through Sunday night. Hunted every day and didn't see a single deer. Didn't get a full nights sleep a single night due to freezing my tail off in spite of having a wood burning stove and buddy heater. So today after I get off here in and hour I am going to bed, but ill probably get back after them tomorrow after work. Good luck to those that are out!


10 pointer
Sep 29, 2013
Big fat Goose egg here in owsley my wife seen one chaseing a doe first thing this mourning going to hunt untill ten going to a diffrent spot for the evening hunt.
Sep 14, 2012
Had a group of 5-6 bucks chasing a hot doe this morning. One was a shooter, the rest were small. Saw a big one last night that I'm holding out for.
Nov 12, 2016
Metcalfe co
Getting done early today so thinking of hitting the woods just off a hot trail along the creek. Any tips for immediately hunting a ground blind thatS just been set up? Seems like it would cause the deer to avoid the area

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