nov.8 weapon choice?

KY Helim

6 pointer
Jun 13, 2014
If I take a gun my winchester 32 special but probably still be out with the bow hoping to see the deer I call king


6 pointer
Oct 30, 2013
Gonna try out the DPMS AR-15 this season. Shooting 62 grain Federal Fusion ammo.


12 pointer
Jan 22, 2006
Auburn, KY
280 Ackley custom gets the nod again. It shoots the 168 Bergers great. Good equipment and confidence in it are critical for the long shots.


8 pointer
Nov 2, 2011
Carlisle county, KY
Opening morning I don't hunt but take out two kids. This year one will be holding my Dad's old Remington model 600 in 6mm loaded with 80 gr. GMX's and the other will be packing my new to me Winchester model 88 in .308 loaded up with Hornady 150's Interlocks. Didn't have a chance to reload for the .308 since I got it so late so shooting factory loads. Then come Monday or if things go well Sunday morning I will be packing the .308. It's looking like it will be a good opener!

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