Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!


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Oct 25, 2013
Washington County
Doe patrol is starting out pretty slow. Done broke out the nabs


Oct 15, 2021
In your dreams
All of my trail cam pics of the big 9 point are at night so they are all black and white. He may be a carmel color and if so, i will still shoot him!!! My aunt has seen him several times in the daylight when shes letting her dogs out but she didnt say he was any other color.
Squirrels are really starting to gather nuts and hide them. I have seen 3 big fox squirrels under an old walnut tree ever since it got daylight. They sound just like a deer in the woods when they are jumping around.
When is the rut in Bullitt county? I just rolled into town late last night. Road tripped all the way from Saskatchewan to my lease near Shepherdsville.
Pulled my card on the way in. Several of my target bucks. Age and score.?


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Dark Cloud

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Aug 14, 2009
Lawrence Co.
buddy heater pilot lights up,then you go to turn it up it goes out,no matter how long you hold it down,dam thing worked fine last week,air pressure deal come onin truck,right front low,and tooth going bad,but i have seen 3 deer so far
Sounds like your line is partly stopped up.I had one do that once ,I started keeping the ends covered or a tank on it ,to keep out debris.It don’t take much.

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