Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!


12 pointer
Feb 25, 2007
I’m out. Murphy’s Law. Never had a problem with my Honda. A Buddy of mine came down, I put him in a stand. Go to crank up the Honda, dead battery, it has never not started. It’s a 2016 model, original battery, so it’s due a new one. But, come on, opening day! Lol, jumped it and have a jumper box in it to limp around today, til I can run to town for a new one. Good luck everybody!


10 pointer
Feb 16, 2019
Russell Co


10 pointer
Nov 28, 2013
I’m screwed. My corn is for Arnold’s only apparently. That’s all Sportsmans had. No deer corn.

You really are. Deer corn is soooo much better than regular corn. I’m not even sure deer will eat regular corn. While I’m no biologist I think unless you pay an extra 2 dollars a bag for the corn, it’s called deer corn AND it has a 170’class deer on the bag your wasting time and money.