Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!


12 pointer
Apr 3, 2007
I'm out sitting in a blind just got setup about 10 mins ago, poured my first cupof coffee out of my thermos. I've got enough food and drinks I can set all day if I want. Good luck everyone


12 pointer
Oct 19, 2004
breckinridge county
Been bow hunting hard since the 2nd, feels good to be in a box blind with a heater and gun in my hand!!!!

Have my cousin and his two kids down here from Michigan. Cousins son killed the biggest deer of his life two years ago here, hoping his daughter can get it done this time. They have to pull out Tuesday, short window, but anything can happen!

Best of luck everyone!


10 pointer
Nov 28, 2013
Just pulled into owen county farm. About to walk in.

Daylight is 7:16 here. Plan to go ahead and take over milos and rompalo spot by 6:47 this morning. I’m thinking I’ll just break the 300 inch mark today. Now I realize many may doubt me since the biggest deer in camera is a basket 8. And I realize my hunting skills are quite lacking. But dang it a man can dream big on opening day right?!?!?!

plus I did buy the corn that was deer corn and had a monster buck on the front of it