Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!


12 pointer
Jul 21, 2009
At the workbench, Kentucky
Had a great day saw 5 bucks all chasing or cruising
Left about 11 and got back in around 3 just got settled in and had already see one 8 pointer on the walk in.
5 minutes later this brute shows up he was on a mission, couldn't get a shot as he was walking threw the tree tops on the other side of the hill from me.
I stayed on him until he got above them, I ranged hi. At 332 yrds he stopped and I shot I could hear the bullet impact and he turned and just stood there, I hit him again and he stumbled over the ridge.
I waited about 10 minutes and went to see if I could find blood which I didn't because he was laying about 30 yrds away. 12 points 16 in wide 10 in points. View attachment 94180 View attachment 94181

Looks like several of you guys scored big on the opener. This morning was my first chance to go and I browsed this thread for several minutes while in stand, a couple posted would probably be my new #1. That being said riverboss without without question you've killed the prettiest SOB I've laid eyes on in quite some time. Good on ya.


May 28, 2003
In the basement
Got in the stand just after 6AM on Saturday. See a doe run by and a nice buck chase after her about 30min after I'm situated. Thinking it's gonna be a good day. (FYI...I've never had a good day deer hunting yet. Zero success for my lifetime.) Not less than an hour later a little 3x3 sneaks up under the stand. Can't get a good shot off so I try to spook him out back into the field. No good. He jumps back into the underbrush. Few hours go by and we see nothing. Decide to get out of the stand and meet up with some other fellas hunting a lease nearby and have some breakfast. They haven't had any luck either. Great tailgate breakfast and quality conversation was had by all! Now back into the stand for round two. After a few hours of nothing but squirrels, birds, and playing on the phone; a big ol doe decides to pop up out of nowhere. Broadside and staring right at me. I pray she doesn't take off while I get the rifle sighted in on her. She doesn't and I hit her square in the shoulder at about 75yds with my .308. She spins back and runs into the trees and drops about 15yds from where I shot her. First successful deer hunt in the books! View attachment 94316