Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!


12 pointer
Jan 2, 2009
raised n Bullitt Co.
College boy rolled in last night and couldn't make the bell at 5. We headed out at 8:15. 8:30 get a pic of this one 50 yds from his stand. He's whining now. He did rattle in a spike at 2:00.
Screenshot_20211113-083322_Tactacam Reveal.jpg


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
Back in the blind. Windy here. Forgot my phone this morning so didn’t get to check in. Saw 6, 4 does, yearling and a 4pt that had a huge body and will be a whopper if he lives a couple years. Cuz killed a button, thought it was a doe. Good morning overall. Good luck to everyone. Stay safe.


12 pointer
Nov 30, 2005
Staffordsville, KY
Saw a small 4 point and two does this morning about 9:30 and 11:30 respectively. Man it sure got windy in a hurry where I was. Only heard about 6 shots. I’m back now and will likely wait until tomorrow afternoon to go again.