Not my best but a memorable one


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Feb 16, 2019
Russell Co
That’s what it’s about man! Congrats to you on a real trophy, the memory. I had a couple mentors that helped me a couple seasons when I was small but never a grandpa or dad and never anyone consistent season after season. I’ve mostly always been lone hunter so I am jealous of all who’ve had that connection with a family member. Big congratulations to you


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Apr 10, 2019
Hardin County
Congratulations on a great buck. "Trophy" has many definitions. That picture of you and your grandpa with your buck will end up being more valued than any deer you will take.


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Aug 23, 2011
The deer I killed, I would’ve been thrilled to kill in velvet or even with a bow. After that I lost interest and decided I was going to pass him. But after the year I’ve had in my
Personal life as well as the toughest hunting season in recent memory, when he showed up ears pinned after a rattle sequence he got to me. The bonus of it all was I killed him with my grandpas marlin 336c in .35 Remington after a few years of him having constant health issues. This deer is not close to my best, but a few minutes after the shot emotions took over and not only did I get the shakes but I also broke down. In the past I thought that made someone a lesser man or hunter but now I completely understand where they come from. My grandpa may have limited days with me but the memories I have with him will never fade. Love you papaw!
That's awesome!

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