No one wants to just hunt anymore

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by bigbonner, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. rcb216

    rcb216 12 pointer

    Sep 25, 2005
    Robertson Co.
    Outwitting an old doe isn’t as easy some think. I have seen some that was more wary then a old buck.
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  2. Bowonly86

    Bowonly86 6 pointer

    Apr 16, 2019
    Pendleton county
    It doesn’t bother me how others hunt or the reason why I can pretty much guarantee that every one in the woods would like to shoot the biggest buck that has ever graced the planet but it has hurt the sport in a lot of ways people don’t shoot does in a lot of cases causes imbalance in the heard which we are seeing now places to hunt are all but impossible to find because of all the attention Kentucky has gotten for its trophy bucks it gets harder every year for the average hunter to go afield and deer hunt for many reasons and the number of hunters is declining rapidly with apart of to blame on the outdoor industry
  3. rme hunter

    rme hunter 8 pointer

    Dec 1, 2006
    Breckinridge County
    I would have to disagree with it being difficult to find places to hunt. It is difficult to find free places to hunt, people are finding ways to profit off of their ground and leasing hunting rights to the highest bidder only makes sense. Why should you hunt for free if you don't own the ground. Other hobbies aren't free, we are in a free market and I for one don't mind to pay a farmer for access to his ground.
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  4. I see deer every year. Sometimes I shoot one. I have taken, does, spikes, 4, 5, 6, 8 pointers, etc. Once or twice I have shot button bucks thinking I was bagging a doe for the freezer :( That is sad. Over time, I have gotten to where I can now tell that an antlerless deer is a buck with enough clarity to avoid shooting button bucks anymore. In fact, I usually leave the does alone now too. I never measure the success of the hunt on what was killed. My measures of success are many:
    1.) Did I get to squirrel hunt these woods early and scout for deer sign?
    2.) How many times did I get to go into the woods in preparation for and during the hunt?
    3.) Did I get to spend quality time with friends and family?
    4.) Was good food, fine cigars and old bourbon involved?
    5.) Was the weather good? Did it snow?
    6.) Did we get to hang out with neighbors and friends at deer camp?
    7.) Did I need 4x4 to get to camp?
    8.) Was my tree stand off the grid so there was no cell phone calls, texts, or e-mail to distract the hunt?
    9.) Was time available to check the zero of my rifles? If I did this with family or friends that is a plus. If the gun still goes "Bang" that is a plus-plus.
    10.) Am I still healthy enough to go out in the woods alone? So far, Lord willing.
    11.) Did I see game? Deer, Turkey, Coyotes, Mtn Lions, etc. :p

    I care little if I kill anything during deer season. The real success is in the fellowship with friends and family and being out in nature doing something (anything) instead of watching others who do. If I participated, then it was a successful hunt.
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  5. Bowonly86

    Bowonly86 6 pointer

    Apr 16, 2019
    Pendleton county
    exactly my point just some people can’t afford to do that and the sport is dying for lots of reasons personally Thankfully we own property and I don t have to deal with it anymore even when paying a farmer in most cases your days are numbered on any piece of ground you don’t own I know plenty hunters who can’t find a farm to lease sooner or later if you don’t own property you will not hunt private ground in some areas of the state this is already the case
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  6. luvtohunt

    luvtohunt 10 pointer

    Sep 1, 2011
    Eubank, Ky
    People who are afforded the opportunity to "just hunt" do just that I feel. The issue seems that you are having trouble with people asking about the quality of deer on a patch of ground you are attempting to lease them. I think TV influence and the simple fact that you are seeking to lease land to folks for deer hunting is going to lead to those questions from each and every person who is interested. If you were offering your property for folks to hunt at no cost, the first question would not be asked with exception of can you show me the property lines maybe. Every person has his own thoughts of what constitutes a trophy and what doesn't. Every person has his/her own reason for hunting. If you don't want questions about the quality of deer then it may not be the best idea to lease the property. The guys like me who appreciate any harvest as a trophy and enjoy the family oriented aspects of hunting are the guys you are looking for but typically those aren't the guys that can spend a lot for the privilege to hunt private ground.
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  7. Pirate

    Pirate Spike

    Aug 11, 2016
    Kinston, NC
    TV shows make it seem like 140 inch deer are common, but in fact some will never see a deer that size in their life. However, with lease rates between 10-30 per acre or higher in some parts of the country, I don't know anyone willing to pay high end lease rates without thinking there is the potential for killing a big deer.
  8. JR in KY

    JR in KY 12 pointer

    Jan 25, 2006
    The Occupied South
    I own a few acres of prime Deer hunting land. I will NEVER CHARGE money for someone to hunt on my land. I figure it is not really Mine, just loaned to me till I die.
    I have 2 people maybe 3 hunting on my land this year. Full up i think.
  9. muddhunter

    muddhunter 12 pointer

    Oct 18, 2005
    This gave me diarrhea trying to read this. Period.
  10. savagehunter

    savagehunter Fawn

    May 28, 2019
    glasgow ky
    amen brother that's whats wroung with deer hunting I hunt for the meat i'll take does over a big buck any time can't eat the antlers
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  11. bluegrassDan

    bluegrassDan Fawn

    Dec 17, 2008
    LOL, I have a lot of friends that look at me like I am nuts. I tell them, you go on and keep looking for that monster, watch all the others walk past, Me, I hunt to fill the freezer. You cant eat the antlers and I have enough racks from he ones I did kill to look at. I will happily shoot the does and oddball bucks that they want culled..they all eat the same.
  12. reivertom

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    Dec 17, 2007
    Greenup Co.
    This whole unrealistic Trophy fever is fueled by hunting shows where every deer is a 170+ and they scoff at shooting average bucks. What they don't let you see is that it might take 3 weeks in a hunting preserve just to video 20 minutes of actual air time. (if you take out the commercials) While they are making the video, they have all the help they can get from the guides that run the preserve. This is why I like Ted Nugent's show. He doesn't shoot only monster bucks and is satisfied with every buck he takes no matter the size. He gets it that if all an average Joe sees on TV is monster bucks, he will get discouraged quickly hunting in the real world.
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  13. ojibwa62

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    Jul 1, 2018
    I have gotten to where I don't even ask permission any longer, I go straight to the would you lease your farm to my wife and I ? We primarily bow hunt.
  14. rme hunter

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    Dec 1, 2006
    Breckinridge County
    That is the way I do it. The bottom line is everything in this world has gotten more expensive. All hobbies cost money and hunting is no different.
  15. Teach Deer

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Everyone is a trophy hunter to some extent...I really enjoy the trophies on my wall (incidentally one is a button buck-I worked really hard so my wife could kill that deer-public WMA)...being that I mostly hunt public land, I consider a nice doe to be a trophy most of the time...

    I have seen two absolute monsters (both on the same WMA from the same stand) since 1993 (200+ 12 point, 180+ 10 point-that I shot underneath) and killed a 9 1/2 year old 146" 10 point, deer of a lifetime, on a quota hunt and a big 7 point at Fort Knox...

    Last year, I harvested a deer and donated it to a co-worker (she granted me access to her farm because she wanted help getting some deer meat for her son) I really do enjoy hunting for the sake of hunting...

    The best trophy of all is a well stocked deep freeze...
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