No Minimum Draw Weight in KY for Deer/Elk???

Discussion in 'Archery Equipment' started by gdb, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. gdb

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    Why is there no minimum draw weight for bows to hunt deer/elk i.e all big game in Kentucky when you need at least 35/40 pound draw eight for a ethical kill. Does anyone know was there ever one and if there was what year did that change?
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  2. JDMiller

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    Yes there was one..... if I'm thinking right it was 40#.

    However that was dropped several years ago and has not been an issue. Which I believe there's other states than just Ky that doesn't have a minimum draw weight reg.

    Same goes for modern firearm deer seasons ... there is no minimum caliber and only specifies centerfire. But there is a minimum on elk being 270 is the smallest caliber allowed.

    Overall the minimum requirements were viewed as barriers to some... especially children concerning participation into the sport at early ages or physical ability. Which hasn't been a problem from dropping the minimums as far as I'm aware of. Fact is its had a positive effect concerning more kids and women getting into the sport..... and. has had no negative effect on our deer populations either.

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  3. surfshark46

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    with the larger cam and twin cam bows, these bows at lower poundages generate more energy than a stick bow, when stick bows were common we had a minimum 35-40lbs draw weight. I have a Barnett Vortec set at 23lbs and it creates as much energy as a 40lb stick bow. No need for bow restrictions in draw weight.

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