No gas in North Georgia!

Georgia Transplant

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May 22, 2008
Western Kentucky
Yup. I live in Woodstock & work downtown Atlanta (Buckhead). Gas is almost impossible to find around here. I've got about 3/4 tank in the scooter and about the same amount in my truck. It I stretch it that's about enough to get me through 7 days or so.
We need more refinery capacity in the US, and NOT close to coastal areas!

I grew up in Woodstock from kindergarden up til I was 23 years old. I went to graduated from Etowah High School in 1982. Just thought I would share that info. But getting back to issue I own a pest control company and met 3 of my 6 service guys today in Cartersville at the Murphy USA at Walmart gas station and waited in line for 2 hours to fill up 4 vehicles. I got lucky that one of my guys wife works there and knew when the tanker came in. If this keeps up it will put a damper on my hunting up in Kentucky.:(


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Sep 24, 2007
Mineral Bluff, Ga
Seems like small town Ga. has plenty of gas to go around....not as susceptible to panic buying I guess......reminds me of a bunch'a krak heads fightin over the last fix:eek:


Feb 1, 2008
why don't they truck in from some other areas,give a good reson to sell it for 5 a gal.if they can pull poisonous campers to n.orleans surely the govt. can figure a way to get gas somewhere needed,and foot the bill


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Feb 1, 2006
Gas is down to 3.53 here in lexington. They did a story the other day about people from Nashville driving all the way North to BG just to fill their tanks. Doesn't make to much sense for the unless they brought plenty of extra gas tanks. They used 4-6 gallons to get their and back.

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