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Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by drakeshooter, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Iceman35

    Iceman35 12 pointer

    Oct 27, 2008
    Boone County
    I was thinking that as well. Haven't had time to dig up the transcript to read it yet.
  2. Wildcat

    Wildcat 12 pointer

    Jan 7, 2002
    Ledbetter, Ky.
    Something else to think about.

    20 years ago James Comey was an attorney on the Senate Whitewater Investigation was looking into the conduct of President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton.

    This is the SAME James Comey who is today the Director of the FBI.
  3. xbokilla

    xbokilla 12 pointer

    Jun 28, 2012
    I don't blame Comey, I'm sure he is just protecting his own life. Lord only knows what will happen to him if he says the wrong thing. His career is probably already over having referenced certain people as "careless" etc... He's gotta stick to the script.
  4. Regulator623

    Regulator623 12 pointer

    Nov 16, 2006
    Eastern Kentucky
    That's my take...he was ordered to stand down and was pissed about it...I'm figuring that's why he gave out plenty of ammo to convict her in the court of public opinion...
  5. ptbrauch

    ptbrauch 12 pointer

    Nov 10, 2004
    The OC
    Is there a statute of limitations on this?
  6. Manzanita

    Manzanita 12 pointer

    Apr 16, 2006
    Telecheck 018
  7. ptbrauch

    ptbrauch 12 pointer

    Nov 10, 2004
    The OC
    I just read an article where it said the initial non-disclosure agreement said they couldn't talk to anyone about the case, but said they later had to issue a clarification telling them it was ok to talk to congress about it after a congressman raised the question. So basically, it appeared they were trying to slip one by everyone.

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