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  1. GSP

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    Dec 12, 2001
    You know, this is the sorriest excuse I have heard (and it has been repeated here). If the real reason we DON’T allow something in hunting is because someone MIGHT break an existing law is the biggest bunch of BS out there. Your same argument plays out EXACTLY like this. If we were to just make a law that people should not own guns, then there would be no more crime. Come back with whatever you want. Bottom line there is not one iota difference. Outlawing something from law abiding citizens “Because” is the number one reason on gun control; it makes just as much sense there as it does on this subject.

    You other argument, “they may spook the deer on neighbors land”? This sounds like your true agenda.
    Bottom line is, the KDFWR is charged with 2 primary things.
    Manage the resource. The resource in question is yotes. They want them dead.
    Second is to provide opportunity for sportsmen on excess resources.
  2. Jimmie in Ky

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    That is the rub GSP. We had it at one time with severe limitations. Why we lost it was because folks refused to follow those limitations. Those of us who followed the law were so few we didn't count. My local commisioner even refused to meet with me to discuss it. I haven't tried to meet with the new one yet because the state has made it clear to me we do not count when it comes to managing this resource as hunters.

    This subject opens a can of worms the state does not want to deal with because of the might be's. Jimmie
  3. JDMiller

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    Jun 12, 2005
    " Between the Rivers "
    Agree ..... that the resource should be the basis of these decisions.

    But..... as a whole ....coyote hunters in Ky have it pretty good.

    We have a 365 day a year bag limit....and basically no limitations in place on what weapon, call , ect...we use to hunt coyotes in daylight hours.

    I have not researched this but know this is'nt true in all states....and I'd have to wonder if at some point if night hunting was allowed in Ky... would it impact the coyote numbers enough that restrictions...such as a season or bag limit would be necessary for all coyote or night.
  4. Jimmie in Ky

    Jimmie in Ky 12 pointer

    In most states where the coyote resides, nothing has stopped the population increase at all. Only the few years when pelts reached the fifty dollar and higher mark did hunters and trappers even keep up with reproduction. Even during those years the U.S. government kept up the constant pursiut of this animal .No state has a limit on this animal and I can only think of one where there might still be a limited season, Massachussettes. Jimmie
  5. riverboss

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    Jan 26, 2009
    northern ky
    I could give a crap about deer hunting i go alittle but all of the i love horn guys have ruined it and that is what will happen to coyote hunting because the i love antler group has taken over Kys hunting you cant even go rabbit hunting withouit being turnd down by land owners because its taken some antler crazy hunter 5 months to shoot the same deer he had standing in front of him on the first day, Ive been coyote hunting for over 20 yrs and i know they are very huntable during the day, and all abunch of crying at night anit going to happen and if it did it wont last long there are top many idiot out there. Im not against it but i can see past my nose deer hunting rules and the state doesnt care coyotes eat deer thats what they want and are only concernd with managment of coyotes not killing them all and trapping is alot easier and productive tool they would extend trapping season first before they will take on a bunch of law suites.
  6. GSP

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    Dec 12, 2001
    You should try meeting your new commisioner. He is a heck of a lot better than your old one.
    A lot of these laws were changed without sound footing. I have never heard the "wrong things were shot" in the argument against changing it. What happened in the past was there were a lot of regs that were re-written and presented to the commission. They were not fully read aloud or printed, but were passed more/less in the short form as the public knew. I am working hard to get one re-written now because it makes no sense. You know you can't train your bird dog in your backyard?
    Most of the same commission members that lifted the buckshot regs are at the table now and most these guys are very common sense people.
  7. CSS archer

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    Dec 13, 2001
    Central KY
    Night hunting is not looked on favorably because of the spotlighting laws. When it was legal to spotlight, people rode the roads shining, shining houses, farms, anywhere. Landowners hated it, law enforcement basically had to be present when someone shot to catch a poacher that was spotlighting.

    Allowing night coyote hunting would make enforcement a problem, worse than it is.

    Yes, poachers are going to poach, but suddenly they are not poaching, they are "coyote" hunting.

    Night hunting won't reduce coyote numbers, they were even poisoned in many western states with no avail. They are here, they probably help small game more than they hurt because they do kill skunks, foxes, cats, and coon, other nest predators.

    I don't see coyotes as nearly a big problem as raccoons and possums, in fact a year round season should be in place for all furbearers until the fur market picks up where trappers increase, it would be the strongest move we could make for small game IMO. Trappers should be able to trap all year if they want. We already kill squirrels with young in the nest so a few varmints shouldn't be a big deal.
  8. tbrakie

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    Aug 12, 2009
    I see no problem with allowing it on private land. If I see a coyote in one of my pastures or up by my barn at night I would have no problem shooting it. That being said, nobody lives behind me for miles and I would be shooting at a downward angle. Furthermore, I would take the fine if a CO was to come out to my place without an argument.
  9. yotechaser

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    Jul 2, 2010
    no warning shot, KY.
    Well we have certainly beat this one to death. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.....and as everyone can see opinions vary.
    I really dont understand why any HUNTER would be against hunting a particular predator (in this case coyote) when it is most active. (night)
    I have failed to hear any negative comments about the 41 states that do allow some form of night hunting for coyotes. So I am sure KY. can make it
    work also. It will just take a little trial and error.
    I would eventually like to see them add feral hogs at night also. I think they are a problem in the making. Most states have overlooked them
    until it was too late.
  10. Birdman

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    Feb 26, 2002
    Paintsville, KY, USA.
    I stand to be correct but if I'm not mistaken you can hunt yotes at night now in Ky. You can hunt on your own property or your agent can hunt yotes at night on your property. You need to call a CO an let them know your hunting yotes, that's all you have to do.
  11. yotechaser

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    Jul 2, 2010
    no warning shot, KY.
    Sorry birdman......I wish that were true. This is the reg. for hours to hunt......

    Coyotes may be hunted statewide,
    year-round, with no bag limit. Coyotes
    may NOT be hunted at night. Shooting
    hours are one-half hour before sunrise
    to one-half hour after sunset. Both
    mouth calls and electronic calls that
    imitate wounded prey or coyote calls
  12. Jimmie in Ky

    Jimmie in Ky 12 pointer

    The reasons listed to me were poaching, lights and electronic devices in that order.All under the excuse of coyote hunting. Now it was likely that the same people caught, were most likely the same people who are going to thieve our resources anyway. We all know they are out there, they just keep on coming and teaching more poachers. But when ethical hunters are in the minority , we suffer for what they do. There just were not a lot of us doing this at that time. There were just a few of us on this board at the time discussing the hows of doing it.

    Now I have a big question. What is the backround of those writing the proposals?

    Do they have education in the field as well as the classroom?

    Your bringing up a can of worms we as hunters don't like to think of, anti's among our own wildlife dept's. I know this has happened in other states . It is causing some strange things in wildlife regs across the country. Most of the trouble has come from states where all comissioners are apointed by left wing governors, and unsound practices are becoming the result of this. Things like that training your dog in your backyard are just some of hte crap coming from those states as well.

    Anybody with any brains would know you can't teach a dog to use his nose in the backyard. I can teach them to retrieve a dummy, but I can't show them how thier nose works.

    Birdman, you must prove you have a coyote predation problem in order to hunt them at night. And it must be you or an employee of your operation doing it. Most people cannot tell the diference between a coyote or dog kill.Jimmie
  13. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony 12 pointer

    Wouldn't a February to July limited season eliminate many of the poaching issues? Unless they want to poach doe or bucks that have either dropped their antlers or are just getting new ones in. Many of the states that allow it have regs that expressly state that no light can be used from a vehicle. So road hunters would be breaking the law right off. No need to see them shoot. It would be a strict liability violation.

    I normally side with caution against anything that poachers could use as an opportunity to skirt the law (reason I was originally against Telecheck before I finally came around). I just don't see a downside to this if they limited the season and limited it to private land. Seems there are a bunch of tools to make it work if people wanted to.
  14. Jimmie in Ky

    Jimmie in Ky 12 pointer

    And CSS, Just how in the heck did no lights and no electronic devices cause a spotlighting problem that was not already there? People used this as an excuse and I was stomped on as a legal hunter by the dept by losing this tool.

    And yes it was an excellent tool for helping farmers with problems. I could go to that farm at night while they were having the problem. I didn't have to talk to fifty landowners to get permission to look for where the problem animals bedded. Several times I got the animal after dark when hours upon hours of daylight hunting had failed. Once I figured out how to do it within the limitations set by hte state, I could take as many in five nights as I took during the 23 previous days.Taking 2 or 3 a night was not uncommon.

    And there is no means of any kind that will reduce coyote numbers , period. That has been proven beyond all doubt over the last sixty years of government hunting, poisoning, trapping and airial shooting. For the state to deny legal and ethical hunters an oportunity because it does not want to deal with the poacher problem we already have is a poor excuse. Jimmie
  15. Oscar

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    Sep 22, 2009
    Oscar, KY
    I like the idea of a 30-day trial season in late feb/ march when all the antlers are gone. Have a permit that you have to obtain so the co's will know that you are hunting legally.

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