Night time coyote hunting

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by 93chromedaytona, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. 1wildcatfan

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    photoshopped, see any blood in the snow? looks like trees in Canada.
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    Trapping is way more efficient if you need to get rid of some dogs.
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    If I'm going to try to get anything passed to hunt coyotes at night it will be rimfire! I don't want to deal with going to the gas station to air my bb gun up to go hunting.

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    May 1, 2014
    Surely we can tell the difference between a cow and a coyote ya think?
  5. I got it from a long range shooting forum in a coyote thread so I'm not sure if it's been altered or not . I'm not sure why someone would go to the trouble to photoshop coyotes eating at a deer but I guess its possible . I'll ask the person that post the photo if its been altered and send them your name that's on this forum so they can get to back to you in a message to let you know . I'll ask about the location as well . If coyotes kill deer in one state or county I would think they would kill a deer in any state even KY. Unless Ky is a no coyote killing deer zone . In most states ,I don't know about Canada There are no limit on the number of coyotes that can be killed during the year so its not like there is a campaign to be allowed to go after the coyotes . 1wildcatfan why would you think someone would photoshop a photo of coyotes killing a deer ? Here is a link I got the photo from if you can't see the photo sign up and log in . Then you can message Doug for yourself and see if its been altered . Are you some kind of tin foil hat wearing conspiracist ? Let me know what you find out . I just put my tin foil hat on and I did just take a closer look and I don't see any blood on the ground either. It's showing its a tree cam so the deer might have just got into view of the cam. Maybe its so cold it slowed down the bleeding . I have never seen coyotes eating at a deer in the cold before so I don't know if the lack of blood is a sure fire sign of photoshopping or not .
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  6. Sounds like someone is getting a little cranky and needs to take a nap .
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    Can you hunt coyotes at night in Canada with an air rifle?
  8. Carl

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    No coyotes are regulated furbearers in Canada. We have enough of them here without going all the way to Canada to hunt them
  9. The newer pcps can shoot at least 50 high power shots . So that's 50 dead coyotes . There is no missing with a night vision set up . Even a beginner with a few months of practice learning where the pellet is going to hit at every yard on your reticle say out to 100 yards . More than likely you are only going to shoot less than 10 shots so don't worry you can fill up the cylinder at home and come back with air still in the cylinder ready for a few more hunts . You might get one with a rim fire but you have a 90 percent chance of getting more than one because the others don't run off with the silent air rifle . But if you are happy with one and done then go for it . If it ever comes to be here in Ky .
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    What night vision set up do you have? Also, a suppressed .22 with subsonic ammo is whisper quiet.
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    My favorite subsonic round is the PMC Moderator but they stopped making them. I only have a brick of them left. They are very quite and accurate in a long barrel rifle. They are hollow point and probably made with a softer lead because they pack a punch and expand.

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