Night time coyote hunting

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by 93chromedaytona, Mar 9, 2019.

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    HA HA!! Anything you say SNIPER!
    This has to be Truerifleman270 brother! Only difference is he was funny, not stupid.
  2. Do us night time coyote hunters a favor and stay in bed at night .
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    Do us a favor and change your diaper!
    It's starting to stink in here, and I hear your mama calling you for dinner.
  4. The 12 point members on this forum are really showing their asses . I guess the longer you are on this forum the ruder you become to fellow members .
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    Hi pot.
    I'm kettle
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  6. If you really want to get coyotes at night hunters in Ky have got to start calling the KFWR and ask them to add a airgun to the legal weapon to be used at night for coyotes .

    It has the same results as the center fire rifles with its accuracy but on a closer scale . A good range for the air gun is 100 yards or closer . They are silent so you can take every coyote in the group out without them running off . Watch the videos I post in a earlier post on this thread . But first we have to get it legal to use . Its already legal to use during the daytime just not at night .

    Its a good topic and the coyotes need to be hunted at night and airgun hunting is very safe and effective . Its just going to take other hunters to call and ask for it and it will happen I hope . So give them a call or email them and let them know you want to hunt coyotes at night with a airgun .
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    This is a hunting forum, with real men who hunt! If you can't handle the pressure's don't post the ignorant bull crap!
    You ignorance is your problem, all you know is what you read, we have all life times of experience killing animals and know what we are talking about!
    You on the other hand read to many fiction books, and watch to many videos that blow smoke up you ass.
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    Can you use a thermal on an air rifle?
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    This thread reminds me of the old " is a 17 hmr a good 'yote gun?" debate. The answer is NO. Same for a pellet gun. They can kill a coyote sure but there is a high probability that you won't recover the animal. Ideal shot placement isn't always possible when hunting coyotes in the woods.
  10. I don't know how old you are but I probably have a good 20 years of hunting why you were still in your diapers going by your childish comments . Can you handle the pressure ?

    Back when I was growing up in the mountains we didn't have much to do like you kids today with your video games and your fake guns on your joysticks triggers . We had real guns and real hills to climb and we hunted all day just about every day even in the snow with real shotguns not a video game shotgun . You kids today won't even open the door if you see snow . Real men lol give me a break . I think someone needs some new battery for their fake gun joystick so you can get back to your fake hunting games .
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  11. Any thing can be mounted on a air gun . You just meed some picatinny rails . Most modern airguns have them now .
  12. That would be a great sound to hear again . She passed away 40 years ago this year . No diapers again yet but I fear those days is coming up to fast . I'll let you know when I need them again and when I take my first crap in them .Are we having fun yet ? riverboss I have a question do real men crap in diapers ? Think about it before you answer your day will be coming faster than you think .
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  13. Yeah you got me there Meatstick I do tend to do that to piss people off . Its so damn easy . I have got to stop doing that .
  14. I think someone is letting the pressure get a little to much for them . Calm down riverbooss .I'll stop making a fool of you. .
  15. This is why Ky needs to allow airgun hunting at night with nightvision for coyotes 691C23DD-30A4-4222-BF47-330DCAD6EC87 copy-2.jpg
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