Night hunting for coyotes with a air gun .

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by hatsan125sniper, Jul 1, 2018.

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  1. Does anyone know a fish & wildlife officer that you could talk to about looking into allowing night hunting coyotes with a airgun ?

    The state allows day time hunting for coyotes with a air gun but not night hunting . In every state I know of the air gun community has had great success with coyotes using night vision and a air rifle .

    Today's air rifles are very different than most people realize ,they are very powerful with more than enough fpe to kill a coyote out to 50 yards .

    The good thing about a air gun is that they are all most silent with the built in silencers they have now from the factory's . The pellets fired from the gun only travel a 100 yards before they hit the ground unlike center fire or rim fired bullet so it makes shooting very safe for the surrounding areas .

    Today's air rifles are very accurate I'm talking 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards with a good scope attached . Along with 30 fpe and up according to the pellet size that range from .177 to 50 caliber .

    With a night vision system attached to the gun you can drop a group of coyotes without them running off . The sound from the air rifle does not spook them so when one is down you move to the next one and so on .

    Coyotes in KY are getting populated and its out of control . I have sent emails to the fish and game for years telling them about night hunting coyotes with a air gun but nothing as been done about it . If someone has some pull please let them know that if they would allow air guns to be used with night vision attached for night coyote hunting this over populated coyote problem would be under control in no time .

    For some reason they don't seem worried about it coyote taking over KY . There are thousands of KY airgunners waiting to go out at night with night vision attached ready to make a difference in the coyotes in KY . Just make it legal so we can get to work .
    Watch this video as you can see a air gun is a good way to drop coyotes in their tracks and not wake up the neighbors and kill more coyotes in one hunt .
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  2. Meatstick

    Meatstick 12 pointer

    Oct 25, 2013
    Washington County
    I doubt airguns would take care of the problem "in no time". I like where you're head's at tho. There just aren't enough folks out there into the airguns like it seems you are. Carl on here messes with them I believe. But that's about all the interest I see in them
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  3. childersb24

    childersb24 8 pointer

    Mar 25, 2010
    I’d like to see a hawk and owl season along with it.
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  4. JR in KY

    JR in KY 12 pointer

    Jan 25, 2006
    The Occupied South
    With a limit of 10 per day.
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  5. Nock

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    Sep 9, 2012
    butler co
    Do you know true rifleman?
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  6. elkaholic

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    Jan 12, 2012
    Pendleton County
    More people may be into airguns if they are made legal for some forms of hunting.
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  7. KY Swamp Beagler

    KY Swamp Beagler 12 pointer

    Feb 20, 2011
    the swamps of western KY
    I think someone one here posted a vid of them popping a coyote in their backyard with an air gun. It smoked him.
  8. If you don't know anything about air gun hunting watch this video
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  9. How many hunters would like to take a 22 cal air gun that shoots around 930 fps with a 18 grain pellet and kill coyotes all night long within a 50 yard range ?

    I know I would if the Ky fish & wildlife would make it legal to do so . As you can see in the video you only need around 25 fpe to drop one like a rock at 30 yards .
    The best thing about a air gun is they are silent and the don't spook the other coyotes in the area . Since there is no big blast that you get from a shotgun the coyotes will return to the coyote that is down so set still and wait till they come back it doesn't take long because all they heard was a thump .

    Its not uncommon to take 5 or 6 in the same area in a few hours . All you need is a night vision camera attached to the air gun . You can make a home made night vision to attach to your scope for around 50 dollars. Watch this air gun drop this coyote like a rock .
    The other nice thing about night hunting coyotes is that you are not disturbing your neighbors that are trying to sleep and the best part is the safety of the airgun.
    With in a hundred yards or less the pellet falls to the ground if you do miss so its a lot safer than any shotgun .
    Shot gun shell that sends pellets flying out of the gun at over 1,300 fps and can travel 300 yards or more .
    So If you think you might want to give coyote hunting with a airgun at night talk to your fish and game people about it . I talked to them last year and they told me that if they got more calls from people wanting to hunt coyotes at night with a air gun they would talk about it at there meeting they have.
    Coyotes are taking over KY they are running deer out of your hunting areas and also running the Turkey out . Not to mention killing your pets , chickens and any other small animals you have out side your house .
    I'm hoping the fish and game people look into the airgun as a great way to help get control over the coyotes .
    Once they find out the pellet are good for short range 50 yards or less and are safe for the surrounding area because the pellet drops so fast and have very low pfe after 50 yards making them much safer than a shot gun blast that sends hundreds of pellets flying through the woods which is not safe at all but they allow it .
    So there is no reason not to allow a air gun to be used at night . Please if you want to hunt at night with a silent airgun to take out a bunch of coyotes at one hunt talk to the Fish and game people .

    As you can see in the video air guns are not toys like a lot of people think they are . The modern air guns are adult hunting weapons and you should treat them as you would a center fire or rim fire gun .
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  10. EdLongshanks

    EdLongshanks 12 pointer

    Nov 16, 2013
    Northern Kentucky
    Air gun are toys for children
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  11. Edlongshanks The modern air guns are not toys , please don't let a child play with them they are very powerful ans are used for hunting and can kill a children and adults. They are not the same guns like you had when you were younger .

    I'm wanting to find out is there are enough hunters out there that would like to go out at night and kill coyotes with a safe and quiet air gun with night vision mounted on the scope.

    Right now the state does not allow air guns to be used to take coyotes at night .

    They do allow the guns to be used during the day . If enough people show a interest and enough people call or email the fish & game officials they will allow night hunting with a silent and safe air gun but people have to let them know they want to do it .

    I'm sure people are doing it anyways but I don't want to do anything that is not legal or I would like to see it be listed as a legal weapon for night hunting .

    I think you could see from the 2 videos that a 50 cal air gun can kill a ELK and has many a time .After watching the videos how did you come to the conclusion that the modern adult air guns are for children ?

    If you are the type of person that would give a child a 50 cal air gun then you really are mentally ill and you need to have all your guns taken away from you ASAP . So please don't think todays air guns are toys they are very dangerous with shotgun type powers . in smaller calibers and center fire type power in the larger type air guns .

    If you were to go to a state where its legal to hunt coyotes at night with a airgun and a scope attached you would be hooked no doubt about it.

    Maybe you or other hunters you know could be part of making it a legal weapon to use at night, what do you say ? We could be hunting coyotes at night right here in Ky with a air gun if enough people let the fish and wildlife people know we want to use this type of weapon .
    Please watch this video you will see airguns are not toys and should not be used by children unless supervised by a adult
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  12. carnivore

    carnivore 12 pointer

    Nov 17, 2007
    The first video made some good points regarding increasing opportunities. Might allow more backyard deer to be taken.
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  13. Yes with the new airguns you can adjust the air pressure for the animal you want to kill . With the correct pellet weight and air pressure you can dial it in go you have enough fpe to take down the animal and still be safe for the surrounding area's . Air guns hunters are big in other states I guess just not here in KY yet mainly because they don't allow them yet for Turkey or coyotes at night . I'm not sure about deer yet . I don't think they do because in the legal equipment they list Firearms ; any caliber center fire . A airgun is not a firearm . It does not produce fire so its not considered a firearm as far as I understand it . Air guns are also made to shoot regular arrows . They are very accurate and very fast but not allowed in Ky yet . Its called a airbow . I am so glad to see that this forum has some nice people like your self I was beginning to wonder if I has stepped into some kind of twilight zone from hell with the crazy comments I have received that had nothing to do with the topic .
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