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    Yep, but the wheel has to be a lot squeekier than me by myself. I fussed with anyone that would listen when they shut it down. My own comissioner would not even return calls or meet with me to discuss it. Livestock owners did not even know this was a viable way to get rid of the problem animals unless the CO told them about it.

    We our selves are going to have to be our own police force on this. We need to come up with some ideas and regs that the state could live with before going to them with a proposal. I think the old rules with the addition of limiting the weapons to shotgun only would be something they could and would think about. No lights, mouth calls only , anfd possibly add no hunting after certain hours. Just my thoughts on it. Jimmie
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    That's a good thought .
    I have a few friend that are in the Cattleman's Association.
    Let me ask a few if they would like to address the issue at their next meeting. I have been to a few of the meeting just to see what was up. Also for the free rib-eye dinner :D. By the way, I was invited and it appeared to me Most of the people there were on the more influential side of the political street.
    They could be a big help.
    I would not usually comment or even reply to such remarks as the ones that were made buy the likes of a person that would attack someone without provocation. This time i will make an exception.
    Before you go ridiculing another about their literacy ,grammar or ability to read.
    You should think about the damage you my cause with a slip of your slanderous and fruitless tongue.Weeds such as yourself are usually picked,pulled and eradicated before they multiply and spread. With that being said some weeds are good and are eaten and used for nutritional purposes. They make what ever consumes them stronger. With out them survival may not be possible.

    The others who really care about this issue should use smashdn himself as an example of the type obstacle that may have to be addressed to
    achieve the objective. His objective is one to divert and divide. That hurtle is simple to overcome but can't be totally ignored completely,
    But made a mute point, by staying on track.
    I believe starting local before going global is a step in the write direction.
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    Mister "Smart Guy"

    You misspelled embarrassed. It has 2 r's.:cool:

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    Nov 24, 2003
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    Just saying that from what was posted it did not shine a very positive light on the caliber of employee that KDFWR had. Before I would advertise my place of employment and offer to "start the wheels of progress" moving from the inside, I would make sure that I at least came off as a person who would be in such a position to do such a thing. Any other time I have read a post maybe by someone who claims to be employed by KDFWR they presented themselves in a very educated manner. My concern was that by using this person's "influence" it would actually be detrimental to your cause.

    I say kill all the coyotes any time you want. I have seen the videos of guys shooting coyotes, foxes and bobcats at night with the red tinted lights. I don't see are problem with it as long as the regulations state that you can only use a tinted light of some sort so as to not be able to see 3/4 of a mile with it. And I think it would be prudent to propose the same so as to quell the naysayers about this becoming legalized deer spotlighting.

    Another issue that you should address is the ability, or lack thereof, to know what lies beyond your target in the darkness. Address these two concerns and I feel as though you will have answers for two major hurdles that lay in your path.

    And, perhaps, the best way to get heard and considered by KDFWR is not to have someone "from the inside" try and start this battle, but to organize as a group in the same way that United Trappers or LKS has and go through your commissioner(s) or petition KDFWR directly.

    You can tell that my objective was not to "divert or divide" just to illustrate that what, at first, may have seemed like a good avenue of approach might be a dead end that will actually do more harm than good. Present your case in a logical, scientific, method, addressing the present concerns over the issue and I will almost guarantee that it will be an argument better received and taken into consideration than some grumblings coming from within the department by someone whose actual position within is not known.
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  5. Cantmisum

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    To be or not to be embarrassed.

    From this point forward.I give you my permission to address me as Cantspellum.;)
  6. Cantmisum

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    a New objective

    To start off, My apologies to you smashdn. If I interpreted your intention incorrectly.
    If I may reiterate without casting any dispersions and use the weed analogy again.
    Some weeds cast their seeds by dropping them directly on to the ground.
    Some disperse them my using wind and others by clinging to an unknown passerby, to be dropped off elsewhere . Either way the purpose is to propagate and spread. My point is, the gentleman from the KDFWR as it stood at the time Before you began to sow your seeds.Was a sower of seeds himself.I only hope he and yourself for that matter, are still willing to be a productive part in this endevor.
    Because without a doubt, a fuitfull garden takes hard work to produce a good yield.
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    Dec 3, 2009
    thanks guys, sorry to anyone that might be affended by my spelling and grammer:rolleyes:. i guess after i grad. from oregon state with a masters in biology that i should have gotten a PHD in english. I am just a simple country boy who loves to fish and hunt, and when posting i just write what i am thinking. I don't feel i need to take the time a correct things, i feel that as long as the message is getting to others than that is what matters. As for smashdn if you want to see good grammer i can send you a copy of my chemistry paper that won first place in the nation. i would give you more details on it but i wouldn't want your head to hurt :D TOOL.
    As for the matter at hand, i am still getting some info on this post to see what we can do and what direction we can go. There are some real good ideas on this post. keep it up guy's and girls:)
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    One thing you can count on is the fact that the state is not going to allow lights . So I think that idea can be forgotten for now. We are going to have to prove ourselves first.

    You can easily tell the diference in what you see if you are allowing and working for shotgun range during the brightest moon periods. This would also limit the number of nights when officers would have to worry about coyote hunters, that would be a big plus in our favor.

    Shot size would also have to be limited to t shot and smaller. That would allow the dead coyote loads and bb as well for those of us who prefer it for the tighter pattern.

    Keeping things down to mouth calls would also force us to work closer to our targets.

    No hunting after 1 am would also be a plus since officers would not have to worry about calls at 3 am. Besides, I was froze out by that time anyway ;-) And your light begins to wain.

    Other than weapons and time , this is pretty much what we had before they stopped it. Any other ideas? Jimmie
  9. smashdn

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    Nov 24, 2003
    Palmyra, Kentucky
    No need to send a dissertation, I believe you.
  10. dzldoctor

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    Nov 26, 2009
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    Thanks for starting this thread. The law needs to change IMO. This has become an opinion thread; and, not an action thread. Here is my opinion, when working with government ask for 10 times what you need; and, work 100 times longer than it should take. Would "the enlightened" please share links to the people who should be contacted; and, a copy of their letters/emails? Us lesser beings can copy and paste and then we appear to be united. The spell check button is at the top right hand corner of the box.
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    Sep 18, 2007
    I think we should ask for more instead of less. Don't ask them with a handicap on ourselves.
  12. Jimmie in Ky

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    If we don't set the laws within reason we are not going to get heard at all. You are not going to get lights no matter how hard you try for this. State has gone to too much trouble over the years to get them out of the fields at night. No sense beating a dead horse.

    And this is not a handicap to us. It does take some learning but it is the most effective method of hunting at night . There is nothing to spook them if you are set up correctly and shots are in your lap. You have one or two chances each month at five nights work. I can't stand any more fun than that myself.

    If you believe this is a handicap then you are letting yourself down. Jimmie
  13. predator1

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    Dec 25, 2008
    All right boys, the contact info is posted. Lets get to it!!
  14. Jimmie in Ky

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    Be seeing mine personally come tuesday. Jimmie
  15. duxdown 1

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    Jan 9, 2009
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    Night time hunting contact.

    Many arguments for both sides.

    I'm sure momentum is not the problem its the legal side.

    You have coon,possum and frog hunting at night, but they are usually up a tree on in a pond. Some would say shooting into the night flat across a field at two eyes glowing would pose many threats one being mistaken identity.

    You could e-mail Laura Patton who is our biologist in Frankfort over this subject if you would like.

    [email protected]

    Philip Sharp
    Certified Wildlife Biologist IV
    118 East Bellville Street
    Marion, KY 42064
    270-965-3921 ext 110

    Ok Guys I have emailed Philip as I go to church with him and this was his response. I have emailed Miss Laura as well.

    He brings a valid point to the table about using rifles, and before you say anything we all know people that has done stupid things like shooting toward things they shouldnt' so that said be cautious in your replys to her.I suggested shotguns and a set time to hunt, say from dark to midnight. We have to start somewhere and they will need to feel somewhat able to control it. We need to just get it before them and let them see we are willing to comprimise and not go at them like wild men.

    Good luck and due your part, just be careful on how you go at it.

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