Nice Pike county buck. First deer with a crossbow. Shot him at 11 am today


6 pointer
Oct 16, 2010
Just about ready to give up I was actually on the phone with my buddy who's property I was hunting. Standing there and all I seen was horns coming up the point. Told my buddy big buck and threw the phone down. I sit down and waited for him to show. Seemed like forever but I knew it was only a couple minutes. He comes out in the open just grazing along. I give a Bah to stop him and took the shot. He was actually 50 yards away and I wasn't even sure if I hit him. I thought I had seen him buck and i knew as he was running down the point his tail was down. I stood up to cock my bow again and 4 or 5 other deer took off that was back behind him. One was a smaller buck and one was a doe not sure what the others where. I sit here for a few more minutes still not sure then I started to get the shakes and chill bumps then I knew I had hit him. I went down to where I had shot at him and couldn't find the bolt or no blood at first. Take a few steps and there was a big splatter of bright red blood. Still not sure where I hit him at so I backed out. Went and picked my buddy up and waited like a hour and a half then went back to look for him. We started tracking and there was good blood all the way. He had went probably a 100 yards down the mountain and crashed. Shot was a little low but it was where it counted. Only my 4th deer and biggest one so far.