NEW. "Souped Up" China Virus.

JR in KY

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Jan 25, 2006
The Occupied South


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Nov 22, 2020
Caneyville, Ky
I don’t even pay any attention to the new strains anymore. If I think there’s a chance I may have it, I won’t go around people who it would effect the worst like my grandparents or my nephew who has heart defects. And if I do go around someone like that I’ll tell them out of respect, hey I transported someone the other day who may have had Covid or whatever they case may be.


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Aug 5, 2015
By the way who will get the blame for the next killer virus that breaks out? The USA will just like old shat his britches did when he said the Nord pipeline will end.

Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
Folks ought not play God.

That’s about all I have to say about that.

Reckon the vaccine will work on this? I can’t wait till they find a fun new way to make rabies airborne.