New mech. broadhead question....


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Oct 4, 2004
Butler, Kentucky, USA.
About a month ago, a guy showed me a flyer on this new mechanical broadhead coming out this year, and it looked absolutely awesome. The only thing I really remember about it was the fact that you could remove the blades and tune your bow with the remainder of the head, then of course replace the blades when you go hunting. Does anyone out there know of any new heads that fit this description?? I can't seem to find anything on them anywhere...


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Oct 4, 2004
Butler, Kentucky, USA.
I found out what they are....

I finally found out what they were called... they are the Aftershock Archery Hypershocks. Has anyone out there shot these? I read a couple reviews on them today and they both completely contradicted each other. Can anyone else speak on these?

Oh, if you haven't seen them, here's a link:


Dec 12, 2001

Not much of an entrance hole due to the blades opening up AFTER they enter the animal. I like two holes if possible. Even conventional mechanicals cut a decent hole on contact. If you hit a bone or the off shoulder and the animal runs farther than expected ....and this does happen due to testosterone, etc. you may have a problem....especially if it's less than optimal tracking conditions.


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Feb 19, 2006
I shoot a a fixed blade head, a two blade magnus. But I think one of the best mechanical heads out there is the rocky mnt. Snyper. I've shot alot of different mechanicals in the past, and like the design and performance of the Snyper. My son shot them out of his crossbow and a friend of mine in Missouri shot them last year after I recommended them. They zip thru a deer and leave an awesome hole. I don't like the design of the hypershock, enters before it expands I believe. The Snyper has a cut on contact front blade and the two mechanical blades slide back and out. Just my two cents worth!

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Oct 13, 2004
west Ky
Superior, Wisconsin (January 18, 2006) ˜ The RageTM line of expandable broadheads is based on a revolutionary new design. Unlike conventional „over the top‰ or „jack-knife‰ expandables, The RageTM features the new SlipCamTM Rear Blade Deployment System. Each blade is positioned with the cutting edge outward. Therefore, as the broadhead hits the target the blades are pushed back into the ferrule where they cam out into a fully open position. This new design is far superior to conventional expandable broadheads and gives the hunter six distinct advantages:

Eliminates Deflection. An angled hit with a traditional expandable broadhead often causes the leading blade to catch and throw the broadhead off target. This can cause a good shot to become unpredictable or ineffective. The RageTM with its superior design, eliminates this problem. The blades on this new broadhead design follow the cut-on-impact tip and will not grab or deflect upon impact, allowing the arrow to follow the line of the shot through the target.

Guaranteed to Fully Open Upon Impact. High-speed video footage of most traditional expandables show that the blades do not fully open until after they enter the target. The RageTM with its rear deploying blades, are guaranteed to fully open upon impact. This means you will get the benefit of the entire cutting diameter at entry. Since the blades fully open upon entry, the result is a larger entry wound providing a quicker, more efficient kill.

No Loss of Kinetic Energy. Traditional expandable broadheads lose valuable kinetic energy as the blades are deployed. With the Rear Blade Deployment System The RageTM broadhead will not deflect and the unique deployment design results in no loss of kinetic energy!

Larger Cutting Diameter. As bows have gotten faster, broadheads have been getting smaller. This is in part due to the fact hunters are having problems getting their broadheads to fly true. The RageTM flies like a field point and offers two different blade designs, a two-blade 2-inch cutting diameter and a three-blade 1-∏ inch-cutting diameter.

A Free Practice Head Included in Every Package. A critical step in tuning your hunting bow is to make sure the broadheads you are using fly true. With The RageTM you will know exactly how the broadhead will fly because of the free practice head that is included. It is guaranteed to fly like a comparable field tip, just like The RageTM broadhead. This not only allows you to ensure that your bow is in tune but will also save your hunting broadheads for hunting conditions, while providing confidence in your equipment.

No Rubber Bands. The RageTM uses an exclusive ShockLockTM system which holds the blades in place with an O-ring on the base of the head. Simply push the blade into place and feel the click, which automatically locks the blades into the shooting position. No more losing rubber bands or having to replace them after every shot.

This new patented design gives the bowhunter the best of both worlds: the accuracy of a field point and more efficiency than a fixed blade from even the most unforgiving, high performance bows. The RageTM is available in 100-grain in either a 2 or 3 blade design and retails for $39.99 for a package of three. For more information about The RageTM, please write: The Rage, 101 Main Street, Superior, Wisconsin 54880, call 1-715-395-0020


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Dec 3, 2004
I switched to Grim Reapers after the season and really like the way they group. Anyone had experience with these broadheads?


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Mar 14, 2004
Oct 23, 2005
I Like The Snypers From Barrie,they Are Awsome,and Are Probaly One Of The Best Mechanical Bh Out There,i Have Used Em Since They Came Out,and Have Tried Alot Oh Different Mech Bh,and I Like These The Best.

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