New Interstate in southwest Indiana could bring changes to western Kentucky.


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Apr 10, 2005
Lyon Co.
I agree with smash how does just changing the designation of a highway make it better? You got the pennyrile, west ky , I24 and the purchase are all now part of I69. They have always been here so whats changed other than the name?


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Dec 14, 2001
Up in the woods above Lake Malone
You have no direct interstate route from western Ky to Indy. When this is done all the way it will cut off time and miles between Evansville, In and Indy rather then go up hwy 41 to Terre Haute then east on I-70 to Indy, or up thru Louisville on I-65. I for one would use this route as I make a few trips each year to Indy rather then go thru Louisville.

As far as the Ky parts go nothing will change except at some time a new bridge across the Ohio river may be built between In & Ky

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