New All-Tackle Brown Trout World Record: 41 lb 7 oz

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    Nov 26, 2007
    On September 9, 2009, Tom Healy eclipsed the 17-year-old brown trout (Salmo trutta) world record with a 41 lb 7 oz (18.8 kg) fish pulled out of Michigan's Manistee River, USA.

    Healy caught the fish on the Manistee with guide Tim Roller of Ultimate Outfitters. For well over 20 years Healy, a retired construction manager from Rockford, Michigan has traveled the two hours to fish for chinook salmon and steelhead in the Manistee River.

    On that particular day Healy was fishing with friend Bob Woodhouse of Grand Rapids, Michigan along with Tim Roller. They were targeting salmon by drifting the river and casting Rapala crank-baits (plugs). Healy was using a #8 silver Rapala Shad Rap. That morning they had already hooked two salmon, when around eight o’clock Healy had a strike that he immediately recognized as a good fish. The fish made a violent first run up-river where it came to the surface and tried to jump but couldn’t because of its immense size. Having little concept of time during the excitement, they believe the fight lasted about 15 minutes with a 9’ Cabelas XML rod and a Cabelas Prodigy reel filled with 30 lb Power-Pro. Only when the fish came to the net did they simultaneously realize two things: First, the fish was a whole lot bigger than they had originally thought, and second, it was not a salmon at all, but a brown trout.
    Tim weighed the fish on his Boga Grip and it bottomed out at the maximum 30 lb mark. He said, “How much do you think it weighs now?” Healy estimated thirty-five, maybe thirty-six pounds. The brown was measured at 43.75 inches with a girth of 27 inches. Since steelhead are Healy’s passion, he thought it necessary to call brown trout guru and local charter captain Mark Chimura, to help verify the fish. When Mark learned what they had, he pulled his fishing trip off the river and came with a certified scale to their location. They placed the fish on the scale and the fish weighed over 41 pounds. Mark then called the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to meet them and the fish at Mark’s charter business shop in downtown Manistee.When the State of Michigan conservation officer got there he then called two DNR fish biologists to come and confirm the species and verify the weight, length and girth. They also took fish scales for age determination, which was later confirmed to be six years of age. The local TV station came and recorded the weighing of the fish for TV.
    Above and beyond achieving the All-Tackle record for the biggest brown trout ever landed on rod and reel, Healy was touched most by the respect the people of Manistee, Michigan gave the fish. Tom recalls standing on the sidewalk of downtown Manistee, lifting the brown trout up for a period of almost six hours so that everyone could pay respects and enjoy the beauty and amazing size of the fish. Tom believes the catch was more special because the people of Manistee know fish and fishing; many of the residents and families in that area are lifelong anglers, charter boat captains, fishing guides, or are somehow involved in the fishing tourism industry of Manistee. They know the tremendous historic importance behind such a catch and they realize that the all-time biggest brown trout on rod and reel can arguably be one of those “holy-grails” of fish species to catch. IGFA congratulates Mr. Healy on his fine achievement.


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    caught on chicken liver?:D
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    Manistee River

    What a fish!! That is a great fishery. I fished it alot back in the 80's. I caught brown trout around 10lbs there, but my biggest fish was a 35lb Chinook salmon. Talking about a freight train!
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    very cool!! That would be a hoss to get in, they are some drag burning fish. I wonder what will happen to the fish? Wonder if some large retail chain will pay him to display it?
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    He just hit the lottery
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    Nothing but a pig with gills.

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