Neighbor Problems!! (Cows for Sale)

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by muddy chicken, Oct 28, 2008.

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    I had a neighbor several years ago that could not keep his cattle in, they seemed to prefer my place. I tried everything I knew to get him to remove his cattle and he never tried. I finally had an attorney write him a letter stating that if he did not have his cattle removed by a certain date (I think we gave him 2-3 days) that I would start charging him rent for my farm land that his cattle was grazing on, and the rent was not cheap. Needless to say the cattle were gone before the deadline.
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    I hope I am not speaking aout of turn because I am not at all familiar with KYs' laws, but over here in MO the only legal way to deal with a problem would be to round them up and sell them in the OWNER's name.

    They owner should take more responsibility for his animals, but shooting them is probably not the answer. Again, not familiar with KY regs, but in my neck of the woods the cattle owner would be liable for damages to neighbor's property. You start shooting cows, you they would be liable because you are damaging another man's personal property and possibly eliminating a major source of income. Call your sheriff, make sure it is documented that you are trying to resolve the issue.
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    KRS 259 will tell you everything you need to know about livestock runnin loose and also penalties for shooting other than game animals. Falls under the cruelty to animals statuate (sp)

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    Niether Muddy Chicken nor Muddy Chicken Enterprises endorses the Mistreatment of or death by shooting strangulation, and or stabbing of forsaid cattle. Just Frustrated not planning on going on a 4 county cow shooting binge. It seems this post hit a sore spot......
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    Wow, I wish. We are still talking about it 12 years later.


    Oct 23, 2007

    by the picture, looks like the POOR cow was looking for food.....
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    I agree with you 100%, it could be far worse if you started killing someone's cows, no matter what the reason. That is why we have laws to protect those on both sides of the fence. The 2% rule applies, 98% of ranchers take care of their livestock. It's the 2% that make it miserable for what everyone has said in here. In my opinion, it is better to have the authorities handle the situation. Our family ranch/farm is in Colorado, so I might be talking out my backside now that I am living in Kentucky.

    But that is my two cents.
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    Well I certainly feel for you. The place I hunt is leased for cattle. The guy who leases it has the property next door. He also hunts his property. I go out the week before muzzleloader, no cows. Muzzleloader weekend, place is full of cows. The next weekend, no cows. Two years in a row now that's happened.

    I've got my fingers crossed they won't be there tomorrow, but I won't be surprised if they are.

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