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8 pointer
Jan 21, 2011
I am speaking from experience here. It took me years to decided to start waiting on bigger deer. I didn't think I would ever let a buck pass by if I had a tag. Then last I guess I killed my last baby buck. I didn't want to shoot but had little time to hunt long story short I almost cried when I shot him. I decided if that was the best I could do as a almost thirty year old hunter then I should quit. So I decided my exictment would decided what I took from now on. I went to the woods with full intentions of passing some bucks this year.....but I didn't have to cuz a shooter was the first one that walked in. 3 year old 8 about 15 inches wide. So anyways don't stifle the exictment. Eventually that will come. And it comes in stages as well a few years ftom 3 year old deer may not excite me no more. But for now they really do.


6 pointer
Oct 31, 2007
I actually am in an argument with my daughter right now. She says she is holding out for a buck. I want her to kill the first thing she sees. I don't want my kids to think its about horns. My son gets it, he's 14 and killed a couple dozen deer. He likes to shoot!

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