need some advice on training my pup

Discussion in 'Coon Hunting' started by styxvalleydan, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. styxvalleydan

    styxvalleydan Spike

    Jun 15, 2008
    ive have a black and tan male now 15 months old i bought him at three months .when i first started working with him my hunting buddies couldnt believe how good he was coming along at 11 months old he was doing it all by himself after about 5-7 coon were treed he started giving me a hard time. he seems to be too high strung and grabbing trees for a few barks and coming down and moving on about 10 yards and grabbing more trees ive been going back to square one with him and using drags and cage coon (he dosnt see the cage or the coon before i bring him out of the box) an he dose wonderfull. and i dont mean to be one of those hunters that brags up his dog all the time but this pup has looks and a great chop but i cant seem to get him to put it all together. iv been running him by himself lately and sometimes he'll grab a tree and stick with it and sometimes he;ll just come down and move on. i have been getting so frustrated with pulling him off of slicks i cant figure out what to try anymore even after a long layup he hasnt changed his ways, and when i run him with another dog hell seldom tree with em he usually goes of and trees on another slick any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. kycooner

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    May 2, 2007
    the only thing i could think of,,is set you up some feeders..drop him rite on some hot coons..when he trees get their quick and praise him up real good.
  3. beards-n-bone

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    Nov 12, 2008
    Pulaski Co.
    If he trees close enough to other dogs that have the meat go tie him back and knock out the coon to the other dogs and let him hear the fight. Dont let him have it. This helped a young female that I had that wanted to tree on the first tree that had scent on it without circling to see if the coon was still there.
  4. All'Out'Blue Hounds

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    Jan 26, 2009
    Fort Knox
    You hook that young black dog back, just close enough so he can see whats going on but no where near the action. Then shoot old Mr. Coon out to the other dogs and make him watch every second of the other dogs having all the fun (don't even let him any where around it, when it over just walk him away). Do that a couple of time and I bet you see a change in him, samething works when you have a pup meet you off the tree.

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