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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by gobblergetter, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. gobblergetter

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    Apr 21, 2008
    boonville, Indiana
    There are always tons of questions about which choke tube to use with a certain gun. I want to try different chokes through my gun without having to pay hundreds of dollars for all of them just to shoot them once or twice. Does anyone have a suggestion to do this? Are there any places (stores) that allow you to "test" a choke through your gun?

    I was kinda thinking if a guy could get together with a group of hunters that shoot the same gun but different choke, they could all try each others choke through their gun to see how it shoots. Problem is, I don't know anyone in my area that shoots my gun (benelli nova).:rolleyes: Everyoone has an opinion on which choke works best. I want to find out for myself without spending a fortune. My .655 seems to be a bit to tight and the next couple of months is the time to get it figured out. Any input (other than what choke to use) would be of help.
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    without reading what you posted, this is the turkey hunting advice that i have learned from the turkey hunting forum. just remember these 2 things and you will be set!

    1) dont shoot 2 turkeys in one shot.
    2) if you want gun advice, ask sa hunt. his gun will out shoot everyone on this forum. only thing is he is banned now. good luck trying to get a hold of him! :)

    now after reading your post, i have no clue. sorry that i could not be of more help on your subject, but i dont shoot that gun so i dont know what to tell ya bud!
  3. dirtstalker

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    Nov 20, 2009
    Clay County
    Don't know of a place that will let you "test" shoot chokes through your gun, kind of don't think there will be any. Finding some other people with the same gun and different chokes sounds like a great idea, if you can find the people to do it. You said your choke right now is a little tight, correct? You didn't mention anything about what kind of shells your shooting. Maybe just changing shells would open your pattern up a little bit. The shells being shot through your choke have as much to do with your pattern as the choke itself does. Hope this helps!
  4. My thoughts exactly Dirstalker. I used to work at a local bait/sporting goods store several years ago. I had the luxury of shooting several different chokes and turkey loads to find what worked best for my gun. Here are my suggestions.. but again only come from my experiences:

    If you think a choke is too tight - shoot a smaller size shot (switch from 4's to 6's) or go to a lighter load (2 1/4 to 2oz) Typically the smaller shot and lighter load(faster as well) will shoot better out of a tighter choke. The opposite should be tried if you think the choke is too open.

    I personally shoot an 870 super mag that I bought when remington first produced a 3.5 12ga. I found that a .660 choke and 3.5 in 2oz winchester supreme high velocity 5 shot shoot the best for my gun.

    One recommendation I make to anyone who asks - have the forcing cone extended on your gun if it's not already done at the factory. A local gunsmith usually will only charge 20-30 dollars and it will only help with recoil and pattern density. Essentialy it extends the taper where the shell discharges in the barrel - the same concept as an extended choke on the other end of the barrel.

    Check that Benelli for accuracy - Owned a super black eagle that shot about 6 inches low when holding dead on... my buddy's does the same thing. You might be able to shim (spelling?) it, or slap some sights on it if needed to get the pattern where it needs to be.

    One last thing before I get a page written - Check Whitaker Gun shop in West Louisville, KY. They are a few minutes west of Owensboro and have a huge selection of used turkey chokes for about half what you normally pay. I'm not bragging on their customer service - b/c it lacks a lot - but it will save you some money. Would be a fairly short drive for you.
  5. gobblergetter

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    Apr 21, 2008
    boonville, Indiana
    I have tried smaller shot and lighter loads. Switched from 4's to 2 oz 6's still not quite what I'm looking for performance wise. I tried switching to a smaller tru glow site for my front bead thinking that may help but it is still lacking.

    Question: How would it change my pattern if I added the same size site as my front site to the back site? Would that lower or raise (hypothetically) the pattern? Right now my back site is a very small metal bead. Much smaller than my front.
  6. KYH5N1

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    I would install a set of ADJUSTABLE sights. Several good brands out there. I shoot the TRU-GLO Pro-series Magnum Gobble Dot. It is an all metal sight that attatches to the rib and basically resemble rifle sights.
  7. vabirddog

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    Mar 24, 2007
    try an 1 3/4 oz of 6s, you are still choking an awful lot of shot for a .655
  8. grousec

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    Jan 15, 2009
    mt sterling ky
    You might go to turkey and turkey hunting website and NWTF look under their forums especially the ones on firearms. Just a thought!
  9. adamky

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    Sep 10, 2008
    Daviess County you can find anything you want to know on any gun there. I firmly believe after it is all said and done if you buy a few chokes and a few boxes of different loads the cheaper way would be to buy a jellyhead choke .660 for that nova and buy a box of NITRO 4x5x7 loads $70 dollars or so and the choke is about $50. I guarantee this load will outshoot anything you will find by trying many different chokes and factory loads. JMO

    also Bucks and Jakes carries those NITRO loads buy the shell so you can always get a few extra instead of buying in 10 packs.

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