Nancy Pelosi’s supposed ‘relief’ bill has provisions for ‘corporate board diversity,’ student loans,

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    Nancy Pelosi’s supposed ‘relief’ bill has provisions for ‘corporate board diversity,’ student loans, and a Postal Service bailout
    by Becket Adams
    | March 23, 2020 04:56 PM

    This is not a “both sides” issue.

    The Republican contribution to Congress's coronavirus relief package may not be perfect, but at least it is not a brazen attempt to leverage a viral pandemic to seize power and control.

    Democratic lawmakers, on the other hand, are playing a dangerous and all-too-obvious partisan game, going so far as to scuttle a bill meant to stabilize the U.S. economy in favor of new legislation loaded with enough unrelated goodies to choke a donkey.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s newly announced "relief" proposal, titled the “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act,” cancels the U.S. Postal Service's $11 billion in debt and gives it $20 billion in cash. It mandates that the head of each federal department or agency “shall submit to Congress a report on the actions taken to increase the use of minority banks and minority credit unions to serve the financial needs of each such department or agency." It empowers the newly proposed COVID–19 Aid Oversight Panel to collect data on “employee demographics,” “supplier diversity,” “pay equity,” and “corporate board diversity" for any organization that receives federal funds in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

    Remember: Congress was set to pass an emergency relief package this weekend before Democratic lawmakers torpedoed it in favor of Pelosi's mockery of a bill.

    The Speaker’s new “relief” proposal makes early voting available in all 50 states. It mandates that each state must allow same-day voter registration. It has an entire section titled, “Federal employee collective bargaining and official time," referring to taxpayer-funded unions. It requires that airlines fully offset their carbon emissions. It contains new rules for improving “consumer information regarding release of greenhouse gasses from flights.”

    The bill also forgives $10,000 in student loans for every borrower.

    In other words, Pelosi’s proposal is chockablock with provisions for causes and interests that are in no way related to the immediate need to halt the spread of the virus and calm the U.S. and world economies.

    Early voting? Student loan forgiveness? Offsetting carbon emissions? Bailing out the post office? Policing “corporate board diversity”? These have nothing to do with preventing further economic ruin or COVID-19-related deaths. They are merely items on the Democratic Party's wish list — issues that excite their left-wing base.

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