My turkey gun bought Saturday after a 5 day wait!


Nov 16, 2011
I have one with Carson turkey choke. I layer down a big Tom on opening day with it look into a Carson choke and 3 1/2 inch Winchester supreme 5 shot. It is a Tom slayer no doubt.


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Nov 18, 2009
Sent an email to Mossberg on April 8th. They finally get back with me 3 weeks later. Gun was manufactured in 2006. All I have to say is what lousy customer service. Really it takes 3 weeks to reply to an email what a joke.


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Jul 31, 2010
Lexington Ky
What isnt a joke, is if ya ever send a gun to Mossberg for repair. My Silver Reserve was gone for over a year to get a cracked stock replaced. No reponse to calls or emails. I figured it was long gone, then the gun showed up one day from fedex, took it out and wouldnt cock, took the new stock off and the action was full off wood cuttungs and pieces. Today my gun works well, but I still remember how sour their service is.


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Jan 15, 2009
mt sterling ky
I believe you will like your 535 (especially if you like pumps). I have a Mossy 935 and love it, it's a turkey killing machine!! Enjoy your new toy lol..
I have heard of some problems with rhe Mossberg Silver Reserve but they O/u's are made in Turkey i believe.

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