My trip to south africa

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    Day 5
    Its Zebra time. We go to a water hole about an hour after daylight. There are zebra tracks. We sit all day and never see a single zebra. We see giraffe, waterbuck, kudu, impala, wildebeast, red hartebeast, gemsbok and a female steenbok.
  2. Thunder Head

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    Day 6
    We switch to a blind on the far end of the property. The bush is thick here. You can only see 30-40 yards in any direction. The air has a bite to it this morning. Im loving it. We get in the blind and start or vigil. The wind picks up and is blowing hard. This dosent bode well for our hunting. Nico says he can feel a draft. The zebra always come from behind this blind. That’s exactly where the wind is blowing. Nico lights a small piece of zebra dung. Air is pulling out the door. Nico pulls out a roll of duct tape and seals the door all the way around. The smoke is choking and stinks to high heaven. The morning is very slow with the high winds. A lone wildebeest comes in. He is nervous and runs around bucking and kicking. It is very entertaining. He finaly grabs a quick drink and takes off at a gallop. A kudu bull and some cows circle the water hole but do not come in. They stand out in the brush and watch for 45 minutes. Graduly, one by one the melt into the bush without coming to drink. The sun has started its downward trek and the wind has died. Four warthogs come to drink. Its like letting down the flood gates. Within a hour there are kudu, wildebeest, waterbuck, gemsbok and eland standing around within sight of the water. Nico says this is good, if the zebra come with all these animals here they will drink.
    This waterhole is good for bird watching. I am looking up a new bird in my bird book when, the Zebra stampede the waterhole. I grab my bow. They are shuffeling for position at the water. Nico is trying to tell me which one is the stallion but with all the movement I don’t know. Finaly he says there, the one one the far left with its butt facing you. Two of the mares bite and kick at each other. This causes the stallion to turn away from the hole. He is quartering away at 18 yards. I draw my bow but have to wait for the mare behind him to move. She starts walking and the shot opens up. I line up on the far side shoulder and send the arrow on its way. It smacks home with that hollow thump you want to hear. In an instant the little hole in the brush is empty. Nico calls the trackers in. There is almost no blood. The tracks separate 3 ways. The trackers split off and I follow nico on the third set. I am starting to get worried. The shot looked right on target. The tracker earns his money and finds him on hoof prints alone. He was quatering harder than I remember. The shot entered far back in the rib cage and traveled up to the front side of the opposite shoulder, stooping with the tip barley breaking the skin. A wad of grass plugged the entrance hole. I have my zebra, the ole lady is going to be pissed. hE hE hE !!!!!

  3. she'll get over hopefully
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    Yea my wife would love to go too,as for the healing part I might have to wait till next year.
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    Congrats on all those magnificent animals! :eek: Thanks for sharing your hunts. Was great reading them. :D
  6. stories of africa amaze me. Maybe on day I have the scratch to go. keep up the good reporting.
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    Day 7
    I am about out of money. I tell nico let spend the last 2 days trying to improve my impala or get another big pig.
    He knows of the where abouts of a big pig on another property, he sees impala there too. The day is pretty slow. The highlights are an old red hartebeast and a couple of Tessebe. We dont see the big pig or a single impala.
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    Day 8
    Nico is puzzled why we did not see any impala yesterday. We stop and talk to one of the ranch hands. He says he has been seeing lepoard tracks in the area and the impala have been scarce the last week or so. Nico ask him if he has been seeing any large Warthogs. He tells nico about one he has been seeing at a new blind they are building. He hunt up the foreman to see if ite okay for us to hunt the new blind. He says it not finished but go ahead if you want. When we get there the blind has no door or hole to shoot through. The camera/viewing hole has not been put in and is open to the air. We cut a shooting hole with Nicos multi-tool. The tracker and ranch hand cut grass to seal the camera hole and we hang camo netting over the door to block out light. When were done we kinda of laugh and say, we will see.
    Our first visitor is a big male giraffe. He is standing within 5 yards of the blind before i hear him walking. How a 3,000 lb. animal can sneak up on you i will never know. We see wildebeast but they dont come in. We have been here a couple of hours now. We are concerned about the wind it is swirling some. I hear something coming from the right. Nico points and says there are warthogs coming. I pick up my bow and stand up. Nico says the big one is 10" or better. I finally see him. The tips of his tusk are broken off but they are plenty long and thick. I am going to take him. I try to ease into position to shoot. He bolts before i can get there. The smaller boar did not leave. The big guy stands in the brush watching. after the smaller one drinks the big guy comes in. I am already in position. As soon as he stops broad side i draw my bow. I make the best shot i have made on the whole trip. We hear him pile up within 50 yards. My arrow is completely soaked in bubbely blood, perfect lung shot.
    So ends my first trip to Africa.

    Trip notes:
    Dries Visser safaris in RSA. I bought a 5 animal package deal. I did not hunt the Blesbok but received an 80% credit against my Zebra instead.

    I used a matthews switchback set at 58 pounds. Beman arrows tipped with Montec G5 broadheads. Total arrow weight 445 grains. I blew right through every broadside animal. Most peoples whitetail rigs will work just fine.
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    Get a line of credit and keep shooting for the rest of us who want to go!
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    Awesome story/picture book and thread. It looks like it was a success on virtually every front. You really made it count, despite exhibiting a lot of patience. The 3 plains animals I'd most cherish would be in descending order: (1) Greater Kudu (without question, the King); (2) Sable; and (3) Impala (not b/c they're rare, just sorta is the African version of the Whitetail).

    Two very big thumbs up! :)

    I went over to South Africa/Botswana/Zimbabwe about 10 years ago, and it was the trip of a lifetime. Even with just a film camera (and 36 pics/roll film), I took 32 rolls of film. I would've taken probably 20,000 pictures if I would've had a digital camera.

    Just like what Hemingway said, there's just something about Africa that really gets in your blood. Once you go over there, you never quite get over the Dark Continent. I can't wait to go back.

    p.s. Aren't the sunsets over there the best that you've ever seen??? Similar to your shot, I've got about 50 pictures of the most amazing sunsets.
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  11. All I can say is congrats and WOW!!!
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    What a great story...had me really captured within the daily stories themselves. I took about 20 or 30 extra minutes of lunch time at work to finish reading them. I pretty much have no desire to ever do the african hunting thing, and never watch the hunting shows that feature african hunts, but I have to say I hung on every word and what a great set of animals you took.

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    thanks for the posts.

    Congrats on your animals!
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    I would have to say that is about as cool as it gets.
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    Very Sweet trip. Congrats on your harvests. I still have a few hunts I want to complete here in the states, but have been looking at Africa.

    Any comments about the operation/safari you chose?

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