My BGAD 8 point!!!


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Jul 9, 2003
Russell Springs, KY, USA.
OK guys here is the story. Basically I seen more deer there then I have ever seen in my life. Only problem was other than the one I shot and a doe I seen at first light every thing else was on a dead run. Hard to gauge antlers when they are moving that fast. I think I shot the biggest one I seen though.
I sat on a knob about 20 feet tall all morning overlooking a thicket. There were some does bedded down, and a few came through but I never seen a buck in the thicket. However, on the back side of the thicket was a small funnel that was hardwoods. I sat and watched deer after deer move through it all morning. I was hesitant to move away from my first instinct so I stayed where I was. About 10:00AM I took a break and got something hot to drink from the thermos at the truck, when I came back I sat down on the hill and noticed a bachelor group of about 8 bucks go through the hard wood funnel again. That's when I said that's it, that's where I'm going. I walked over there, found some cover, and within 10 minutes shot this guy. He was about 35 yards away, came around the corner staring straight at me, froze and I shot him right in the chest. When the smoke cleared I located him running, and then he just tumbled, didn't run over 30 yards before he fell. I reloaded the gun and waited for about 3 minutes and couldn't stand it any more. I walked over to him and he had expired already. While field dressing his lungs where mutilated and I found the bullet in his liver. Click on the link to view the pictures, and click on the small pictures to see bigger ones. Tell me what you guys think, is he a 120 class deer or more like a 110. Main beams where 22 inches, 1 G1 was a little over 8 and the other a little over 9. Both G2s where a little over 7. Outside spread was right at 18.


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Jul 14, 2003
Congrats on a great buck! Thanks for sharing (good thing you decided to move!)

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Jan 20, 2002
central ky
nice buck, how much did he weigh? i scored mine myself using the BTR system and got 126 2/8 with a composite score of 144 4/8. yours should be about the same as mine


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Jul 9, 2003
Russell Springs, KY, USA.
They weighed him at the depot and said 145, but they also said their scales were light and he was more then that, so I don't know. I guess 145 is fine with me. I don't have anybody who can weigh him for me. I figured I would print out the instructions for measuring and measure him tonight or something and see what I come up with. Right now he is hanging at my grand pappy-in-laws. I don't know if I will find time to make it down there or not.


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Dec 10, 2001
Northern Ky
congrats on your deer
nice buck

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