My 2011 Buck- 11-9-11


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Jan 5, 2005
Clark County, Ky
Without going into too much detail, it's been one of the best and one of the worst weeks I've had in the deer woods. It was so windy where I was hunting this morning I almost climbed down. I had to hold my bow in my lap all morning because I thought the wind was going to blow it of my hanger. Anyway at about 8:30am I saw this buck feeding on acorns along the side of the ridge. I can called at him, but seriously doubt he heard it due to the wind, and he promptly strolled my way. I shot him at 9 yards and he was dead within 20. For you guys that are still hunting, one tip that I would give you is do some fresh scouting, Mike and I went out yesterday and for whatever reason there are some oaks that have held on to their acorns are just now starting to drop. The deer and sign are all over them. Good Luck





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Mar 21, 2004
Central ky
Great buck man, congrats, are you sure thats ths same buck? Trailcam buck looks a lot smaller, crabclaws look smaller too, I could be wrong hell its your pics lol


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Oct 17, 2004
I agree..I thought the same thing. The do look similiar but he looks alot bigger in real life than in the pictures.

I have noticed that alot of the bucks tend to be bigger in real life than on the trail cam pics. According to everyones post on here with cam pics then harvest photos.


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Jan 5, 2005
Clark County, Ky
Congrats man on a dandy buck! I had a little birdie tell me you scored. Way to hang in there and get it done.

Thanks man.. I saw your deer at William's..He's a stud.

As far as the pics go, it is the same deer.. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually laid my hands on him. Trail cam pics can be deceiving. Here's another one of the same deer.



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Nov 2, 2005
Montgomery Co.
Its about time. Now we can start trapping next week and go catch some crappie. I am glad he finally made the mistake showing up this morning. Wish I could have been there running the camera. I always enjoy getting that phone call saying big buck down. He definately is bigger in person. Big congrats.

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