My 2011 10pt and my cousins 2011 10pt


6 pointer
Sep 2, 2007
Took this 10pt on Nov. 20

Also I have been taking my little cousin who is 10years old all year to try and get him his first deer and it has been tough to say the least. He has had some bad luck. He missed a doe during youth season and missed a good 8pt during first black powder. We went again one day last week and we got on two decent 8pts and he took aim and wouldnt you know it the cap is all that went off. I put another cap on and same thing happened (we were using a small youth gun). The deer never ran off and of course I didnt have my tool with me to take the load out and put a new one in so he had to sit and watch as these two 8's grazed in the field. We decided to go back Sunday and take my TC Omega and we saw several deer that morning including a shooter 10 but he went into the tree line right after daylight before we could get a shot. We left and went home and came back out around 3pm and set up at the same spot hoping to get a shot at a doe atleast. As soon as we got to our spot we saw 3 doe's and we proceded to move in closer on them. We got within about 70 yards of them and they got a little skiddish and moved out to about 100yards. He took a shot and it was a clean miss. We decided to just sit tight until dark hoping some others would come out near the edge of dark and it wasnt 30 mins later that this big boy that we had saw earlier that morning came walking to us within 50yards. I dont know who was more nervous, me or him haha... His patients really paid off this year to say the least and im glad he finally got his first deer even if it is bigger than mine haha