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My 08 P&Y 10 POINT


12 pointer
Aug 21, 2007
the woods
The deer only had i think 2 3/8 deductions and over half of that was on the left g1.What is something about this deer is that i passed on him last year during rifle season. Guessing he was a 125-130.I wondered all year if he made it and how much he would grow.I took that deer 100 yds from where i saw him last year.Was i rewarded or what for passing on him with a rifle last year?The morning i took him he was the third buck i saw that morning. Shot him at 15 yds , he ran off but i thought i heard him go down across the holler .Not knowing for sure i sat in stand for 2 hrs before getting down. That was harder to do than shooting him.Got down and sure enough he was where i heard him.


6 pointer
Aug 29, 2006
Henderson, KY
Awesome buck! Nice to see a deer like that come out of Ohio Co. I hunt there also and had kinda given up on the really big ones. Which general end of the county was that deer taken in? ( not asking for street address or anything) lol

Even better you took it with a bow!

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