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    Going back to my earlier post, I said that MSU deserves to go ahead of a team such as Indiana......and it shouldn't be a hard decision either. Murray has turned in an outstanding season, and nothing short of an NCAA bid will be acceptable IMO. Now, I follow the Nashville sports scene from the TV and from the talk radio that I listen to, and that's why I know a little about Belmont. Their coach is one of the best in the business, and Belmont has won a lot of games and turned in some nice wins, just ask North Carolina. However, here is what aggravates me.......the OVC plays their tournament in Nashville, and that is practically a home game for the Belmont Bruins. That's not fair to the other teams, no matter how you cut it. Belmont has won several of these when they were not the favorite to do so, and that is more than just coincidence. Now, on the flip side, some will say that all a team has to is to win, and their won't be any controversy, and that is true. If Murray had just taken care of business, as they should have, we wouldn't be having this conversation. There have been years when the OVC teams were all pretty evenly matched, but MSU was the cream of the crop this year, and should have won that tourney easily.
  2. The OVC brass is in bed with the Nashville sports council. Belmont sleeps nice and cozy in their beds every year, so the rest of us can pay $400 per night for rooms, $30 a day to park and then hold the conference championship in a facility that is a DUMP and would be the worst facility in the conference if compared to the schools' facilities. We ain't the SEC. THERE IS ZERO sense in pretending we are and holding our conference tourney in Nashville. The regular season conference champ should host, just like we did every year until around 15 years ago and just like the Horizon is doing this week. Folks around the league got tired of having Murray host it 3 years out of 4.

    BTW, I forgot to mention earlier that yes, Coach Prohm and Coach Calapari have a fantastic relationship and Prohm has stated he sometime looks to Cal for advice, just as he does his mentor, Billy Kennedy at Texas A&M. There is nothing to gain by either team to play each other. We don't play very many games for a payday at Murray. We don't pimp out our team like most other non-big budget teams do. We went to Memphis 3 years ago and gladly took home a fat check and left them with a loss, but we knew we had a good chance before agreeing. We look out for our team's best interest when scheduling, the same as Cal or any other decent head coach.
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    I look at that as a form of socialism within basketball. You shouldn't be able to play a crap schedule and reap the same rewards of those teams (whether they won or not) that chose to take risks and play a tougher schedule. I don't follow MSU, but from looking at those numbers, it's very difficult to say they belong in the tournament. It looks as if they need to up their game, so to speak, in non-conference scheduling. If they're not going to do that, then they need to win their tourney. If they can't do that, then there's no compelling reason to suggest they belong.

    They should be aware of the conference they're in, and I'm sure they are. Chances are that there's not going to be 2-3 OVC teams going to the big dance. You can't really blame anyone else for the bed that they've made.
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    Murray will get another home game. They just do not have an at large resume. No way, no how. 67 RPI is not great, but a strength of schedule of 238 is bad. And an out of conference strength of schedule in the 220s is awful. You can't control who you play in your conference, but you sure as heck can make an effort to play up in November and December. Sucks for them, but they do not deserve a bid. They did not play anyone and they did not beat anyone.
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    It's all about the money. The reason the OVC holds their tourney in Nashville is because of money, just like the reason that the NCAA had rather have Indiana over Murray. UK has gotten in the NCAA several times when they probably didn't really deserve to go, but UK fans travel extremely good, and that means more ticket sales. Every year when Selection Sunday is over, there are always teams that get left out that deserved to have gone, and teams that get in simply because having them there will fatten up the bank account of the NCAA.
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    Fact is, with their extremely weak conference schedule, they needed to play and BEAT some top 25 quality teams in their ooc schedule to make a case for a tourney bid. And yes, I know who Rick Byrd is.
    I hope they get in, because they're MSU..but they did not play a schedule that makes a compelling case and were 24-3 against teams ranked in the hundreds.
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    They need to fix the correlation (or lack of) between a low SOS and the national rankings. MSU has no business being ranked in the top 25 if they can't get an automatic bid. They should not have been ranked over 75 if that is the case.
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    It's fixed. Where are they ranked now?:highly_amused:
  9. They received enough points to be good enough 31 in the coach's poll, by peers of the game and not some AP geek. Glad you are happy they dropped out of the AP.

    Look, nobody will schedule Murray State and that is a fact. Nobody. We had to BUY two home games with 300+ RPI SWAC teams, plus schedule two NAIA teams, just to give our ticket holders some semblance of a home schedule. That's just the fact whether you want to acknowledge it or not. The entire system is rigged. The organization (NCAA) wants all of the money to go to the power six conferences. They get all of the money due to biased seeding, and they also make the rules even though they only account for about 66 of 350+ members of the NCAA. Kinda smells doesn't it?
  10. It's not fair to say we beat nobody. We beat Illinois State who beat both Northern Iowa and Wichita State. We beat the snot out of a WKU team that went to Oxford and knocked off the Ole Miss Rebels. I guarantee you that teams #4 down in any of the Power 6 schools couldn't reel off 25 straight playing Murray's schedule and not lose at all during December, January or February. Say what you want, but going undefeated three consecutive months, whether it be High school, D2 or D1 college, it's monumental. If it is so easy, why are we one of only 3 teams in the country to go undefeated in conference? Why is the next longest streak after UK's and us only at 11 games if it is so easy? Hey, I'm not surprised at all by the BCS bias, to be perfectly honest. After all, why should winning count more than losing?
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  11. Oh BTW, it takes TWO teams to schedule. Listen to one of these interviews by Coach Prohm this week, detailing how he literally begged teams to schedule us. Big budget programs who buy their schedules are gonna pay Jacksonville State or Tennessee State to come play, not Murray. Nobody want to play a team like us and you can scoff all you want. It's a fact.
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    I don't know about all this discussion, but I'll just say that Belmont and Murray State are good enough to deserve an invite.
  13. That's all I'm saying too. I know we aren't exactly Duke here, but a 16-0 regular season conference record deserves consideration over an 8-10, middle of the pack Texas team, else the regular season means squat. That's all I'm saying.
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    I am a Murray state alum and keep up with them but not as much as I do ky. I want them in the tourney and will root for them everytime. However I am a realist. Yes they had a great year but they didn't finish. They played two tight games against mediocre teams as the whole NCAA is concerned. They barely won one and lost the next. If I could honestly say they would beat an Indiana or Texas team I would say they deserve to be in but I don't think they could. They are good but they either need to join a bigger conference (which I don't think they should until they are dominating the ovc year in and year out). Or have to beef up their ooc schedule. They can if they want to but may not get the pay that the smaller schools will.

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