MSN: Blaming Crazy People, Not Guns

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by trust me, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. grouseguy

    grouseguy Cyber-Hunter

    Why don't you tell me what I don't agree with ... I love it when you guys tell me what I'm thinking.

    Go ahead ... Just make it up as you go.
  2. bgkyarcher

    bgkyarcher 12 pointer

    Aug 23, 2011
    Wow. I just asked a simple question man. Don't get your drawers in a wad. If you don't want to answer, then don't. I have no idea what you're thinking, that's why I asked. And who the hell do you consider "you guys"?
  3. grouseguy

    grouseguy Cyber-Hunter

    I am the complete opposite of having my "drawers in a wad" ... I'm enjoying the comedy.
  4. grouseguy

    grouseguy Cyber-Hunter

    Hey, you post incoherent rants, full at incomplete sentences and multiple misspellings, don't be surprised or upset when someone pokes fun of them. When you guys get on a roll and start trying to out stupid the post before like you did on this thread with statements and rants unrelated to the thread topic, you should probably expect to be made fun of ... it's not like you're new here.
  5. trust me

    trust me Troubled Loner

    Nov 27, 2004
    Jerkwater, KY
    I'm tired of cleaning up trash on these threads. The other mods are more tired of it then even I am. It's a lot easier to just hit the ban button than sort through this stuff. If you guys can't stay on the thread topic, then don't post. Period.

    We've been lax with the modding because it's so tiring to sit and sort this sort of type of junk. If people have to leave to make the mod job easier, then that can certainly happen. And I'm sure it will soon.
  6. smashdn

    smashdn 12 pointer

    Nov 24, 2003
    Palmyra, Kentucky
    Petulent children deserve timeout.
  7. kymailman98

    kymailman98 10 pointer

    Dec 20, 2009
    Christian County

    They must like you better than they do me, because I've had 2 posts pulled for saying the same thing. Of course, I've haven't been as politically correct as the mods like one to be. I guess that's something me and The Donald have in common.
  8. willy09

    willy09 Banned

    Oct 15, 2009
    They deleted my post too and I didn't day nothing but what grouse guy always says...
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