Most millennials would vote for a socialist over a capitalist....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lady Hunter, Oct 29, 2019.

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    I'm not poor, I'm not rich, but in the grand scheme of things, I have done pretty good for myself and my family, and it was this exact system you degrade that gave me the opportunity. Exploitation is a broad term, if you agree to make 80k trucks for 6 figures a year knowing that most folks can not afford, are you not guilty of exploiting a certain class of people? If you are making 6 figures does that not bring you into the upper class that earned "30 Trillion since 1990"? What I find totally unreasonable about Millennial's is their outright hate on those that have had success and then call it a bastardization of the poor or working class or in your words "a rich man exploit'd me". I have never had a gun to my head that made me buy or work for a certain wage, but I have all my life been stolen from by uncle sucker to pay for those that needed help (in the beginning) that has now morphed into paying for everyone who won't do diddly to help themselves, and here is where you get the bottom 50% you speak of.......When you are the one that is pulling the cart, you damn well deserve to be fed well, yet this Socialist agenda you millennial's are pushing will put a gun to your head to buy an certain item for a certain price, you will work for a certain wage regardless of the job, because socialism has only one ending, and that is communism. Good luck with your safe space and theory of exploitation when that day comes.
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    You guys really can’t deal with an issue straight up. You have to twist it into something it’s not to fit into your dishonest narrative.
  3. ^^^In other words he ain’t got jack shat lol.
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    Oct 25, 2016
    What he said ^^^^
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    Hahahaha. Yep. Do you ever feel bad for him?
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    Sep 28, 2019
    Then who? The only organization left is the Church, which is a propogandist, not an educator. Parents? The only qualification for being a parent is your genitals work. U
    That's the first thing I noticed about this forum when I first found it several weeks ago, it has a HUGE echo chamber. It doesn't bother me, there's nothing new here, all the same talking points they were spewing at the_donald, fox new, and conservative radio for years. There are two kinds of suckers, those who realize they've been had, and those that don't. The current Trump administration along with the GOP have committed, and are attempting to cover up, serious crimes. Meanwhile, around political forums such as this, it's fingers in the ears and lets continue to rail against the liberal boogeyman because that narrative conforms nicely to already entrenched bias.
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    Please point out and list what crimes.

    Not a single democrat has been able to do that, not one. All they say is Trump did crimes but that's all. Not on here or anywhere else has anybody been able to list any crimes and then backed them up.

    Example, taxes. They are going after Trumps taxes for the past several years. WHY?? If he broke the law back then why didn't the IRS go after him then instead of waiting until after he became President??

    They want to impeach him, for what???? The early morning hours of Nov 9, 2016 the first democrat called for his impeachment. For what?? for winning the election??? It's been that since the day after the election. It did not start because they discovered something like they are trying to make it look like now, no not after the Mueller dud.

    So please explain what crimes.
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    Good luck little buddy. I dare you to hold your breath until he’s prosecuted for those “serious crimes.” They don’t have shit on him in his first term and they won’t have shit on him in his second. Get used to it. Move on. Your obsession is unhealthy.
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    Nov 16, 2013
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    The communists began by trying to usurp the will of the electorate. Now they are just throwing a tantrum because they couldn’t get the job done. Now its some desperate political campaign which is also failing. The communist left pathetic
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    An Overview of the Dunning-Kruger Effect
    This phenomenon is something you have likely experienced in real life, perhaps around the dinner table at a holiday family gathering. Throughout the course of the meal, a member of your extended family begins spouting off on a topic at length, boldly proclaiming that he is correct and that everyone else's opinion is stupid, uninformed, and just plain wrong. It may be plainly evident to everyone in the room that this person has no idea what he is talking about, yet he prattles on, blithely oblivious to his own ignorance.
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  11. His crime was Hitlery was supposed win.
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    Yessir. They thought they had it locked down tight. They will be damned if the American people don’t fall in line.
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    Pot meet kettle you hypocrite! Anything you respond to is simply you telling everyone they are wrong and stupid and you are right and enlightened, but you provide zero substantiation. Then you go back under your rock.

    We are still waiting on your responses to the outcome of the Mueller report.
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    Yeah. You're right. Government schools that promote perversion, confusing little kids regarding their gender, teaching them complete BS (common core), paying for incompetent teachers, etc. Yep, this is much, much better. The results speak for themselves.
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    If you’re still trying to figure out what was in the Mueller report, then clearly I was right.

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